Gingerbread Man

Quick we need your help, the Gingerbread Man has ran away!

Can you find him in these pictures?

Watch the story…


Can you have a go at your Gingerbread Man worksheet?

Team Tulip 🙂 

Home Learning 🌷

Good Afternoon Tulip Team 🌷

Please keep your eye out on here and the dojo blog for some learning at home ideas.

Keep Safe 

Thea, Sophie and Joanne ⭐️🌷


Take a look at our week full of Christmas fun, we have had two special guests this week..

Father Christmas and his ELF.



Father Christmas brought us a lovely present for being good boys and girls.



We had a party in the dark, we loved the lights and we did AMAZING dancing!


Bubble Bubble POP!



From Tulip Class



Super Snowmen!

Hello Everybody, we have had such a super day today. We have completed snowman activities this morning we created snowman biscuits which look amazing! We will be bringing them home as a treat.We think snowman biscuits are yummy!

“its snowman”


“i want Oreo”



























Have a lovely weekend!

From Tulip Class

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Hello Everybody,

This week we have had such an AMAZING week in tulip class!

We have all been super excited learning about Christmas! We have been completing Christmas creative activities the children, the staff and the classroom look like they have been at a glitter party! We LOVE it!

Have an amazing weekend, 

Love Tulip Class Team, 

Sophie, Leanne and Kate


History learning in the Forest.

This week in the forest the children have been exploring their history topic of old and new toys. The children did amazing learning, they had super listening ears and good looking eyes. The children were engaged and full of smiles and laughter which we love to see in tulip class. AMAZING!

The children loved pulling along the little wooden dog.

and watching and spinning the spinning top.

 Take a look at some of our pictures .





Have a lovely weekend.

Kate, Leanne and Sophie.

Outdoor Learning.

In Tulip class we have loved exploring the outdoor area, We had so much fun in our new environment.

Outdoors we used our gross motor skills on the new equipment mounting the stairs and jumping on the trampoline.


We also completed a range of physical activities with our teachers jumping, running and balancing.

our favourite was splashing in the muddy puddles like Peppa Pig.

” Jumping”

“Peppa Pig oink oink”








 Have a lovely weekend.

Tulip Class

Kate, Leanne and Sophie.













Capacity Learning

This week Tulip class have been exploring Capacity in their topic maths sessions!

We explored pouring, 







Full and empty!




We love working together!