World Book Day 2017

We hope you are excited for World Book Day 2017. Look out for book tokens in your book bags this week!

No need to dress up but some classes may be asked to wear outdoor clothes and wellies.

Dear Parents / Guardians,

World Book Day takes place on Thursday 2nd March 2017, and we would like to invite you to join us in helping your child to make the most of this special occasion.

World Book Day (WBD) celebrates the joy and value of books and reading, especially for children. To help get them started on their reading journey, every child will receive a £1 WBD Book Token that can either be exchanged for one of TEN special £1 WBD books or used to get £1 off any book costing £2.99 or more. You can find out more about the books at Your child’s token will be sent in their book bag and can be redeemed at most UK bookshops. Please help your child to use it on or around World Book Day by visiting your local bookshop (if you need help finding one, visit

Here’s what Ladywood School will be doing on World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March 2017:

  • Differentiated Bog Baby Story Workshops led by the English team – Emily, Karly, Kay and Julie. Each class will participate in a workshop based around the Bog Baby story.

  • Sensory drama in the hall with Sarah Thorndyke. Each class will have a session engaging in role play in a variety of ways in the hall which will be scene set as a spring woodland.

  • Some classes will have an educational visit planned around the Bog baby story where the children may participate in pond dipping, creating natural artwork and a campfire storytime. Some classes will visit Bolton Central Library on Le mans Crescent, Bolton too.

  • Each class will visit the lightroom which has been set up for the half term linked to the bog baby with complete with; fishing nets, buckets, bluebell crafts, a light projection of the Bog Baby himself and lots more for your child to explore.

You can join us in building your child’s enthusiasm for books well beyond World Book Day by reading together regularly and joining your local library if you are not yet members.

For more information about World Book Day and ideas on sharing books at home, visit or contact your class team. Children are never too young to start their journey with books, and the benefits of reading are enormous—so we hope, like us, you will use World Book Day to celebrate it with your child.

Emily Bigio & English Team