Stay@Home Superheroes


Hello everyone,
As we are breaking up on Friday I’m putting up some of the videos to help you complete your second lot of challenges in the new box. There’s no order, no pressure, please just do at your leisure. Just some activities and things for rainy days to keep our superheroes occupied. As always we would absolutely love to see what you get up to it really does makes us smile!
Hope you enjoy the activities and have a ‘super’ summer 😊





Captain Amazing has an important message for you about staying calm!



Feeling stressed after a hard days superheroing? Make yourself some Hulk inspired stress balls to help you relax. Here is a video to show you how…

Hello superheroes and super parents.
We all know superheroes like to dance especially at the weekend!! Captain Amazing likes nothing better than a good boogie!!
Have a go at this super dance at home. There is a communication board in your packs… can you tell us if you like it or didn’t like it? There will be a chocolatey prize for the best video.
Get you dancing capes on!!!

Here it is… can you squiggle whilst you wiggle with Super Lynn?




Lets try some superhero yoga! Can you stay active and strong like Spiderman?

Try this 5 minute yoga workout. As always we would love to see and here how you get on so please keep sending in the pictures or videos. They really do make our day, you can use your class email or post on our special Facebook page!




Hello Super Parents,

later this week we are going to have a go at Squiggle whilst you wiggle. It may look like just good fun but its a fantastic way to get children ready to write. Children use movement and music to develop their motor skills in preparation for writing. With Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle, children begin using ‘Flipper Flappers’ to rehearse a range of shapes, which lead to children mark-making with chunky pens, in preparation for more formal writing. Here is a video that tells us a bit more about it if anyone is interested.

Get you flipper flappers ready…

Hello super friends.

Can you make a superhero sensory bottle?  Here is a video to help show you how. Have fun!



We are so proud of all of our superheros!!

We love to see your super photos – Keep them coming!!


Here are some tips from Antibac Man on how to stay calm and use your breath.

Superheroes need to stay calm as much as they can.

Stay super my friends!




Hello my super friends,

here is a challenge for you. Can you vaporise the villains and rid your house of germs?

Have fun with the silly string!


Hello Superheroes,

Today you will need, our superhero numbers, silly string, shaving foam and your superhero cape.

There are so many ways to use these numbers, so have fun and catch the Villains.










Good morning superheros!

I hope you’re ready for some yummy superhero work today!

For today’s activity you will need the pack that contains cups/silver tray, sweets, biscuits, superheros and jelly! You will need some adult help with this task because the water needs to be hot!

If you don’t want to eat the jelly -try making it in a foil tray or deep bowl and seeing if you can rescue your stretchy superhero from the jelly depths! There are lots of other sensory play ideas you can use jelly for too!


We hope you have lots of fun superheros!

Hello superheroes.

today’s challenge is to complete a save the toys sensory circuit.

Can you save the toys and get ready to learn?

In your box there are instructions and a communication board to go with the video.

You can copy Super Izzy but you must do all the challenges in order.

You will need 5 teddies or toys and a book or pair of sock. You could use your box to throw into.
If you enjoy it you could do this everyday!
Good luck and please send us some pictures or videos if you can.

click the link below to see the video


Morning super parents,

just before I post today’s superhero sensory circuit challenge here is video that explains why we do it and how it can help your child get ready to learn. It’s really good fun and the children love it .
Hope you all enjoy having a go.

Hello Superhero friends,

Here is your Up up and away challenge. Can you use your roll of paper to make a cityscape then fly? Here is a video to help you. Have fun and please send us some pictures. You can use your class email.

Hello everyone,

We hope you are having lots of super fun!

Here is a link to read along to the story How to be a superhero with Super Izzy. Can you use your yellow communication board to point to the symbols?

Now that you know the story have a go at the attention autism activity. Can you make a turbo troll? Can you flip him, tie him down and save the town? You will need your green balloon, monster stickers and silly string. Try not to use all your silly string as you will need it for other activities.

Hope you enjoy it and we would love to see your pictures and videos.



Hi Everyone,


We hope you enjoyed the drop offs yesterday with Captain Amazing and Robo Girl.


Please find the link to the first challenge from the Captain himself. Don’t forget to send your photographs, you can use your class email.


Have fun superheroes and remember you are amazing.