Packing our beach bag

Hello everyone!

Today, we’re going to be packing our beach bags. Can you listen carefully to the things we need to take with us to the beach.

Can you find the right symbol for each of the items?

Can you have a go at saying the words?

See if you can remember what we need to take with us to the seaside and pack your beach bag!



1. Let’s explore the different between hot (warm) and cold through touch:

2. Now can you sort the items that we need to pack to go somewhere hot and somewhere cold?

Link the picture below to go to the Twinkl activity – sign up with email and enter code UKTWINKLHELPS  for one month free membership.

Take care

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

(Primrose Class Team)

What can you see at the seaside?

Hi Primrose,

We hope you are all well and enjoying our seaside topic!

We’re going to play a game called ‘What can you see at the seaside?’

Use the symbols below to tell us what you can see!

Watch the video below and see if you can sign or say some of the words for what we can see at the seaside.

Have fun learning more about the seaside!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne.

Underwater Counting

Today, we’re going to be carrying on with our Seaside topic and doing some maths learning! First, let’s start with a counting song – 10 Little Fishies.

Below is a counting game we think you will like playing. Can you count the sea creatures?

Click on the picture below to play the Underwater Counting game:

Communication board:

How many sea creatures did you count?


There are lots of exciting ways that you can practice counting with fish at home! Which one are you going to try?


What do you think of our maths learning?

Can you send us a picture of you doing your maths learning at home? We can’t wait to see!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

Squish The Fish – Yoga Adventure

Hi Primrose!

We hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Below is a yoga video based around our ‘seaside’ topic. Can you copy some of the moves?

Have a go!

If it is too long to do it all feel free to skip some bits and do your favourite exercises from the video. 

Have fun!

‘Squish the fish yoga’ I think it’s…

Take care!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

Seaside In a Bottle

Hi Primrose,

We hope you are having a great week!

We want to share with you an activity we think you will enjoy doing at home, making your very own seaside bottle.

Have a look!

You can add other objects or materials to your seaside bottle if you don’t have some of the objects listed above at home. You could add glitter, sequins, small fish/seaside plastic toys etc.

Have fun making your seaside bottles!


Take care!

Hannah, Joanne and Louise

Ice Cream Painting

Hi Primrose!

We hope you’ve had a nice weekend enjoying the sunshine!

Today we’re going to show you some ice cream painting activities that you can do at home. Have a look!

Communication board:

What 2 colours mix together to make pink?

You can mix red and green, or red, blue and yellow together to make brown.

Can you have a go at mixing different colours together? What colours will you mix? What colour does it make?

What did you think of the ice cream painting activities?

We would love to see any ice cream pictures that you do at home!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne.

Seaside Writing!

Today, Joanne is going to show us a fun activity for writing and overwriting. Joanne will be using a paintbrush and paint to write seaside words on clingfilm. The clingfilm is wrapped around a tuff spot stand. Let’s have a look!

What seaside word did Joanne write?

Can you sound out the letters?

Can you see the sun in the sky today?

What other seaside words could we write? Have a look at our ‘Seaside topic words’.

You could have a go at doing this activity at home! If you turn a small table or chair upside down, you can wrap clingfilm around the legs. You can overwrite words like Joanne, or you could overwrite letters.


An adult can write the word or letter on a piece of paper and put it in between the clingfilm. Or you could just have fun mark-making on the clingfilm!

Don’t forget there are lots of other ways you can write/mark-make at home: 


                                      What did you think of the seaside writing?

Have fun writing and mark-making at home!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

Fire Arts and Crafts

Hi Primrose!

We hope you are enjoying learning about firefighters! Below are a couple of videos for fire arts and crafts activities to do at home. Watch the videos and have a go at making your own fire arts and crafts!

What 3 colours can we use to make a fire?

What do we use to cut paper?

Can you rip the paper using your fingers?

What do we use to stick?

Please remember to have an adult with you when using scissors!

Communication board:

Pupil Voice:

We can’t wait to see your fire pictures! Please email any pictures you make to

Here’s a fun firefighter song to watch and listen to and copy the actions!

Take care!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne


Five Little Firemen – Counting Song

Hello Primrose!

We hope you are all well! Below we have put the video for our ‘5 little firemen’ counting song. You can pretend to be a firefighter, do the actions and count along!

Can you count the firemen?

How many are left?

What number is next?

Can you show the number on your fingers?

Joanne has been doing some number mark making at home. She has traced numbers 1-5 in flour. Can you do the same?

If you don’t have any flour at home you could use pens, paints or water and a brush outside.

If you have an Ipad at home, there is an app called ‘Writing Wizard’ which the children enjoy using at school. They can overwrite numbers, letters and shapes.

Please send any pictures of the children doing mark making or number learning to the reception email account. 

Have fun and stay safe!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne



The Gingerbread Man

This week we have enjoyed learning all about The Gingerbread Man. We have baked some gingerbread men, we have explored lots of different activities in the sensory area and we have taken part in acting out the story of The Gingerbread Man. We also made sure that we were very careful putting the gingerbread men in the oven, as it was very hot, so we had to put oven gloves on.