Seaside sound lotto

Hello again Primrose Class!

We hope you liked listening to the story all about the things we like at the seaside.

Today, we thought we’d bring you an activity that we’re very familiar with and use a lot in class as part of our phonics and communication and language sessions – Sound Lotto!

Can you listen carefully to the sounds that you would hear at the seaside and use the communication board or the pictures on screen to tell me what you can hear? (You can pause or rewind the video if you need a little bit longer to think or if you want to hear the sound again)

Communication board:

We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to the seaside sounds! 

Now maybe you could go on a listening walk in your garden or around your local community. What sounds can you hear? Maybe you can hear cars, the wind, sirens etc.

Take care,

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

(Primrose Class Team)

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