What I Like – The Seaside

Hello Primrose class! 

We hope you’ve been enjoying learning all about the seaside and joining in with our seaside activities.

Today, we are going to be listening to our friend, Nancy, reading our new class story. It’s called “What I Like – The Seaside”

Listen carefully to all the things that we like about the seaside:


Communication board:



1. Was it hot or cold at the seaside? (Explore warm and cold to help the understanding of what this means e.g. feeling a hot water bottle and emphasising “hot” then feeling an ice pack and emphasising “cold”)

2. What do I need to put on so that I don’t burn?

3. Can we make a sandcastle? (Encourage language – making big/small/tall/short sandcastles)

4. What animal did I see?

5. What do I like to collect? (Feel different seashells, make prints with paint or in play-doh, describe the texture, encourage children to give options of if they like or don’t like the texture of the different shells, making patterns with different shells, “can you hear the sound of the sea in your shell”?)


Pupil Voice: “Listening to our new story, I think it’s…”

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