Ice Cream Shop

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about “The Ice Cream” story for the past two weeks.

In Primrose Class, we love our cookery sessions so we thought today we would make our own ice cream!

Make sure an adult is helping you make your ice cream!

Now that we’ve made our ice cream we’re going to set up our own ice cream shop! This will help to develop imaginative play, counting skills and physical development – fine motor skills from scooping the ice cream and handling money.

Don’t worry if you haven’t make your own ice cream, you can still have a go at setting up your own ice cream shop with any that you have at home!


Here’s a reminder of the communication boards we have used for “The Ice Cream” story and our maths learning. Maybe you could use these during your Ice Cream shop role play:


Have fun!

Hannah, Joanne and Louise

Primrose Class Team

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