Underwater Counting

Today, we’re going to be carrying on with our Seaside topic and doing some maths learning! First, let’s start with a counting song – 10 Little Fishies.

Below is a counting game we think you will like playing. Can you count the sea creatures?

Click on the picture below to play the Underwater Counting game:

Communication board:

How many sea creatures did you count?


There are lots of exciting ways that you can practice counting with fish at home! Which one are you going to try?


What do you think of our maths learning?

Can you send us a picture of you doing your maths learning at home? We can’t wait to see!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

Squish The Fish – Yoga Adventure

Hi Primrose!

We hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Below is a yoga video based around our ‘seaside’ topic. Can you copy some of the moves?

Have a go!

If it is too long to do it all feel free to skip some bits and do your favourite exercises from the video. 

Have fun!

‘Squish the fish yoga’ I think it’s…

Take care!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

Seaside sound lotto

Hello again Primrose Class!

We hope you liked listening to the story all about the things we like at the seaside.

Today, we thought we’d bring you an activity that we’re very familiar with and use a lot in class as part of our phonics and communication and language sessions – Sound Lotto!

Can you listen carefully to the sounds that you would hear at the seaside and use the communication board or the pictures on screen to tell me what you can hear? (You can pause or rewind the video if you need a little bit longer to think or if you want to hear the sound again)

Communication board:

We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to the seaside sounds! 

Now maybe you could go on a listening walk in your garden or around your local community. What sounds can you hear? Maybe you can hear cars, the wind, sirens etc.

Take care,

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

(Primrose Class Team)

What I Like – The Seaside

Hello Primrose class! 

We hope you’ve been enjoying learning all about the seaside and joining in with our seaside activities.

Today, we are going to be listening to our friend, Nancy, reading our new class story. It’s called “What I Like – The Seaside”

Listen carefully to all the things that we like about the seaside:


Communication board:



1. Was it hot or cold at the seaside? (Explore warm and cold to help the understanding of what this means e.g. feeling a hot water bottle and emphasising “hot” then feeling an ice pack and emphasising “cold”)

2. What do I need to put on so that I don’t burn?

3. Can we make a sandcastle? (Encourage language – making big/small/tall/short sandcastles)

4. What animal did I see?

5. What do I like to collect? (Feel different seashells, make prints with paint or in play-doh, describe the texture, encourage children to give options of if they like or don’t like the texture of the different shells, making patterns with different shells, “can you hear the sound of the sea in your shell”?)


Pupil Voice: “Listening to our new story, I think it’s…”

Seaside In a Bottle

Hi Primrose,

We hope you are having a great week!

We want to share with you an activity we think you will enjoy doing at home, making your very own seaside bottle.

Have a look!

You can add other objects or materials to your seaside bottle if you don’t have some of the objects listed above at home. You could add glitter, sequins, small fish/seaside plastic toys etc.

Have fun making your seaside bottles!


Take care!

Hannah, Joanne and Louise

Ice Cream Painting

Hi Primrose!

We hope you’ve had a nice weekend enjoying the sunshine!

Today we’re going to show you some ice cream painting activities that you can do at home. Have a look!

Communication board:

What 2 colours mix together to make pink?

You can mix red and green, or red, blue and yellow together to make brown.

Can you have a go at mixing different colours together? What colours will you mix? What colour does it make?

What did you think of the ice cream painting activities?

We would love to see any ice cream pictures that you do at home!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne.

Ice Cream Shop

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about “The Ice Cream” story for the past two weeks.

In Primrose Class, we love our cookery sessions so we thought today we would make our own ice cream!

Make sure an adult is helping you make your ice cream!

Now that we’ve made our ice cream we’re going to set up our own ice cream shop! This will help to develop imaginative play, counting skills and physical development – fine motor skills from scooping the ice cream and handling money.

Don’t worry if you haven’t make your own ice cream, you can still have a go at setting up your own ice cream shop with any that you have at home!


Here’s a reminder of the communication boards we have used for “The Ice Cream” story and our maths learning. Maybe you could use these during your Ice Cream shop role play:


Have fun!

Hannah, Joanne and Louise

Primrose Class Team

Seaside Writing!

Today, Joanne is going to show us a fun activity for writing and overwriting. Joanne will be using a paintbrush and paint to write seaside words on clingfilm. The clingfilm is wrapped around a tuff spot stand. Let’s have a look!

What seaside word did Joanne write?

Can you sound out the letters?

Can you see the sun in the sky today?

What other seaside words could we write? Have a look at our ‘Seaside topic words’.

You could have a go at doing this activity at home! If you turn a small table or chair upside down, you can wrap clingfilm around the legs. You can overwrite words like Joanne, or you could overwrite letters.


An adult can write the word or letter on a piece of paper and put it in between the clingfilm. Or you could just have fun mark-making on the clingfilm!

Don’t forget there are lots of other ways you can write/mark-make at home: 


                                      What did you think of the seaside writing?

Have fun writing and mark-making at home!

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

Counting Ice-Cream Scoops

Today, we’re going to be continuing our seaside learning and make ice cream scoops out of cloud dough.

First, let’s make our cloud dough:


Split your dough into ‘scoops’ and get ready to count with Joanne!


How many scoops of ice-cream can you put onto your cone before they fall off? SPLAT!

Can you make a repeating pattern on your ice-cream cone using different coloured scoops like Joanne did? (White, yellow, white, yellow… what’s next?)

Can you put 5 scoops of ice-cream on your cone?

I want 2 scoops of ice-cream. Now I’m going to add 1 more scoop. How many scoops do we have all together?

Have fun! We’d love to see some pictures of you doing your maths learning!

Hannah, Joanne and Louise

(Primrose Class Team)

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

This half term, our topic is… The Seaside! Perfect for the gorgeous weather we are having at the minute.

We have sent you an email with key topic words, symbols and some activity ideas that can be done at home:











The story that we will be looking at for the next few weeks is called: The Ice Cream. Here is our friend, Sami, reading it for us!


Communication board:


  1. Can you run like Sami?
  2. Do you like ice cream? (Thumbs up or thumbs down)
  3. Should we have an ice cream? Do we want a big or a small ice cream? (signing using your hands)


Pupil Voice: What do you think of The Ice Cream story?

“I think it’s…”

Take care,

Hannah, Louise and Joanne

(Primrose Class Team)