Good morning!

Good Morning! We thought it would be nice to share our morning group routine, starting with our favourite good morning song. The children love to listen, sing and dance along to this song each morning at school so why don’t you start the day with a sing-a-long at home…

We would then sing good morning to our friends. Maybe you could say or sign ‘good morning’ to each other at home.


Click on the titles below to find some other songs that we enjoy in the morning…

Days of the week

Can you choose the correct day?


Why don’t you have a look outside? What is the weather like today?

Let us know if you enjoy our morning routine and scroll down for new ideas and activities to try at home!




Under the Sea Counting

Hello everyone! 

I have been doing some counting at home this week. I made an octopus. It has 8 legs! Do you know how many hearts an octopus has? 

Here is how I made it…

1. I used a paper plate, some paints, a sponge, a piece of paper to cut out the legs and some cheerios to stick on the legs. 

2. First of all I cut my paper plate in half and used the sponge to dab on the plate, you can use whatever colours you want. You could use a paint brush or crayons to decorate too. 

3. Next I cut out the legs (you might want to get an adult to help you). I used double sided sticky tape but you could use a glue stick or PVA. I had eight legs and wrote on the numbers 1-8

4. Here is my octopus! I would love to see some pictures of yours. 

Let me know what you think… 

Seaside Sounds

Hello Daisy Class.

Our friend Hannah, from Primrose class, has created a fun ‘sound lotto’ activity that we think you will enjoy. It is a great activity for developing phonics and communication and language skills. 

Watch the video and listen carefully to the different seaside sounds that you can hear. You can use the communication board to help you. 


What sounds could you hear?


What did you think of the sound lotto activity?

Sensory Story

Hello Daisy Class

As part of our seaside learning we have created a sensory story for you to try at home. Sensory stories are a great way to engage children, teach them new vocabulary and allow them to explore a new topic. They can be really fun and messy so we suggest putting down a sheet of some sort as it’s all about exploring with your senses. Have a look at the video and ideas below and have a go!

Here are some ideas and the things you will need….

Have a look at our seaside sensory story…


Here are some ideas and the things you will need….


What I like – The Seaside

Hello Daisy Class

Here is our new story ‘What I like – The Seaside’. 


What did you think of the story?


Let’s answer some questions…

  • Can you make a seagull noise?
  • Find the sandcastles in the book…
  • What colour is the bucket?
  • Was it hot or cold at the seaside? 

We hope you enjoyed the story! 


Father’s Day card

Hello everyone!

As it is Father’s Day on Sunday, we would have spent some time this week making cards to send home. I thought I would share with you the card we would have made, so you can make it at home.

You will need:-

First I painted one foot red and printed it onto the card with the toes at the bottom:

We then added foam triangles and stars to create the rocket, adding buttons/sequins for the windows:

Finally I wrote ‘LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK’ to finish off the card:

We would love to see some photos of the cards you make. How about trying some of the following activities too:

A Sailor Went to Sea

Hello Mums and Dads. 

Oak National Accademy have created a range of online lessons for children who are learning from home. The link below takes you to the ‘specialist’ part of their website which is broken down into different topics and levels. They have lots of child focused activities and also some videos for parents around communication and language which you may find interesting. Have an explore and please let us know if you find something either you or your child have enjoyed or found useful.

Hello Daisy Class

As part of our Seaside learning we thought you might like to create your own sea scene with one of the teachers from Oak Academy. The video will talk you and your parents through the activity and it ends with a song. 

What did you think?


We would love to see photographs of your sea scenes!








Ice Cream Writing Activity

Hello Daisy Class! 

Even though the sunshine might have gone for now we can still do some exciting learning inside. 

I have been using ice cream sprinkles to do some learning. Using a baking tray I poured out the sprinkles and spread them around the tray. I printed out some ice creams with the letters of my name on. You could use post it notes or magnetic letters. Then I hid the ice creams under the sprinkles to find. You could use the letters of your name or letters to spell other words. 

Another fun activity is to write the letters in the sprinkles, it is a lovely sensory activity which supports letter formation. 

Here are some other ideas: 

Let me know what you think: 

Shaving foam ice cream

Hello everyone, 

Today I am going to show you an activity I did with my little girl. We made shaving foam ice creams.

You will need:



First you need to squirt some shaving foam into a tray.

Then you add some paint onto the shaving foam.

Then splat the paint to mix it into the shaving foam.

When it is mixed in you can press your paper plate onto the shaving foam and add your sequin sprinkles. 

Once you have made your ice cream, you can add it to a cardboard cone.

We would love to see your shaving foam ice creams, send your photos to

Ice-cream counting

Hello Daisy Class

As part of our Ice-cream themed learning we have found an ice-cream counting song that you might enjoy.


Now have a go at this fun maths game – just click the link, select ‘student’ and input your child’s DOB to play the game. 



What did you think of your maths learning?