Sport Relief Fun!

The children in Daisy Class enjoyed a range of Sport Relief activities today.

They loved a day filled with physical activity from playing outside on the trampoline to practising our catching and balancing skills in the hall. This afternoon we enjoyed playing with bubbles and balloons and  decorating sports relief biscuits. We especially enjoyed eating our biscuits afterwards.

Thank you for all of your kind donations. 


Pancake Day fun!

We had so much fun celebrating Pancake Day today. We made the batter together, watching the ingredients be poured into the bowl and taking turns to mix it. The children enjoyed flipping the pancakes and decorating them using different ingredients. 

Some of the children said…

“I like this!”


“flip the pancake”

“mix mix mix”

Last week the children did some amazing physical learning. We did Jungle themed PE in the hall where we stomped like elephants, slithered like snakes through the tunnel and ran away from the ‘lions’.

The children also engaged with some messy maths learning, which included writing numbers in shaving foam and spraying numerals to represent the animals in the magic bag! 

Hide and Seek in the Jungle

We have had a super week learning about the Jungle in Daisy Class. We loved making all of the animal noises during our story, doing jungle themed maths and writing activities and making our own jungle drums. 


This week we have also started to brush our teeth after dinner. The children have been fantastic at getting used to their new routine!

Hoorary for Fish!

We had a super first week back in Daisy class and the children settled so well. 

Our topic this half term is animals and our first story is ‘Hoorary for Fish’.

The children have enjoyed lots of fish themed activities including counting fish in maths, playing fish bingo and creating fish art work for our display.

Have a look at what we have been up to…

Terrific Tuesday!

We have loved learning all about Toy Story in Daisy class today and have been exploring activities linked to the aliens from the film.

This morning we visited the main Ladywood site to use the ball pool and light room. The children enjoyed a space themed experience in the Lightroom where they explored the interactive floor chasing planets and using the paddles to change the colours of the bubble tube.

This afternoon we made sensory bottle rockets. The children enjoyed pouring in the glitter and water and watching it sparkle. They used their cutting skill to cut tissue paper flames and shapes to decorate their rocket. 

The learning encouraged some amazing communication including children saying “rocket”, “moon” and “5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF”!




Yesterday we enjoyed lots of pre-writing activities in class. The children showed off their ‘Dough Disco’ skills which included squeezing, rolling, poking and splatting the playdough. We then used paint brushes to copy up and down and circular movements to really warm up our arm and hand muscles. Finally the children experienced tracing their name and making marks in the messy shaving foam. 

What super engagement!