What a wonderful year!

It has been a fantastic year in RS. We are so proud of everything the children have achieved this year whether it was learning new words, counting to 10 or making friends. It has been wonderful to watch each child grow and learn new things everyday. We wish them every success and all of the happiness for their journeys into year 1.


Here comes the sun!

RS have had a fabulous week doing what they love most – learning outdoors!

We have splashed in the paddling pool which was a big success! The children also enjoyed exploring the sensory garden where they used the apparatus, took turns and developed their communication – asking for help and requesting bubbles or water spray. 

Our new class story ‘The Ice-cream’ has been a big hit and everyone enjoyed making ice-creams and creating ice-cream paintings. 

Fun in the Forest!

This afternoon we made the most of the sunny weather and went to explore in the forest. 

The children climbed, crawled and balanced on the apparatus and took turns sliding down the slide. We listened to the sounds we could make in the forest – tapping sticks and running in the leaves. 

What a fun afternoon of outdoor learning! 


What I like – The Seaside!

This term we are learning all about the Seaside. This week we have been reading our new class story ‘What I like – The Seaside’. During the story we built sand castles, listened to sea sounds and got sprayed with water. The children enjoyed dressing up in sunglasses and sunhats and taking ‘seaside selfies’.

We also had a lovely music lesson where the children took turns in playing the xylophone!


RS meet the chickens

We had some very exciting visitors at Ladywood School this week… chickens!

The children were all very eager to explore the chickens. They took turns to stroke the feathers and get a closer look. 

What an exciting experience!


Marvelous Monday

What a lovely start to a hopefully sunny week in RS.

Today we have read our new class story ‘Ouch I need a plaster’. The children then dressed up as doctors and nurses to look after the poorly doll. They used the stethoscope to listen to it’s breathing, a toy syringe to give the baby medicine and put plasters on it’s arms and legs. The children used lots of fantastic communication including copying the words “OUCH” and “doctor” and even naming different body parts.

This afternoon we enjoyed some physical development outside in the sunshine. 

The children have settled back into the school routine and have enjoyed learning about our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’. This week we have been focusing on Firefighters and have read our new class story ‘The Busy Fire Station.’ The children have learned about mixing colours when making fire paintings and have been categorising in maths. 

Have a look at the learning we have done…