Another busy week!

This week, we have been learning about ‘Anger’ and ‘Disgust’ characters from Inside Out. We hunted for letters in some yucky spaghetti and participated in an angry stomping sensory circuit before writing letters from angry words.

We have also been measuring length and using the vocabulary – big, little, tall, short and estimate. During our reading and phonics, some of us used colourful symbols to re-tell parts of the Inside Out story and some of us visited the sensory room and corridor to identify sounds and listen to songs. We had lots of fun printing with hard and soft materials in Science and followed arrows on the playground whilst listening to instructions as part of our computing learning.

On Thursday, we had a birthday party. What a fantastic week!

Happy birthday!

Inside Out

This week class 6P have been learning about the characters in the film Inside Out. We looked at the characters Joy and Sadness and talked about the things that make us happy and sad.

We spilt the classroom into 2 halves and made 1 side yellow for happy and one side blue for sad. The children did some lovely writing and mark making. Nathan and Brandon sorted different words that mean happy and sad and everyone enjoyed listening to happy music on the yellow side of the classroom.


Welcome back 6P


Welcome back class 6P.

This week we have been reading a book called The Remember Balloons.

We have enjoyed making and decorating paper mache balloons for our birthday wall.

In PE, we were practising our throwing and catching with balloons, we then got the bats out and were hitting the balloons working on our hand-eye coordination.

In science, we were sorting different materials out into soft/hard groups. 


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