class 6P

This week we have done lots of learning in class 6P.

We have enjoyed the sensory circuits in the hall , learning all about the Easter story and who Jesus is, in Science we learned all about living and non living things. We went up to the forest and we could see the cows and horses and living things hidden under rocks.

In Art we have been looking at sculptures and making our own out of recycled boxes and bottles.



Art Attack

What a fantastic art afternoon. Class  6P got very creative. During this lesson children got familiar with different types of plastic. We used recycled plastic to create this  Eco Master Piece. Then children created “Egyptian  paper” for tomorrows writing lesson. 🙂


A busy week in class 6P

What a busy learning week! Every child found something to be engaged with. We have experienced some prepositions while reading our new book “Window”, especially “through”. At the same time the children learned to identify some objects that they can see through the window. We went “back in time” to explore ancient Egypt, we learned about their culture, music and everyday objects. One of our children participated in role play allowing the others to see what the ancient Egyptians would look like. On our outdoor trip class 6P was able to see the habitat of a Meerkat (a desert animal) as well as the habitats of different marine creatures. On the top off all those wonderful activities we participated in an amazing dance session where class 6P were able to experience some lovely inclusion time with pupils from another class in school and of course we had a fab day during the World Book Day (see our blog from yesterday).

Have a fantastic weekend.

Word Book Day 2020

We had a busy day with lots of fun reading activities. Class 6P enjoyed exploring “Supertato” book in many different ways: we watched “Special News” about Evil Pea taking books away from vegetables in Tesco. Then we read the book and we created our very own Supertato; all children were very engaged 🙂 At the end of the day we participated in school assembly where we met Evil Pea,  Supertato and other vegetables.


Pancakes, Pancakes!

Class 6P had a very interesting week. We did some fantastic reading, the children were very engaged with “Pancakes, Pancakes!” book. Class 6P were able to identify different elements of the story using touch screen as well as tray with objects from the book. Then we participated in sensory circuit in the hall, where class 6P could explore our  book with all our senses. We did some writing in the flour and we were able to identify dry and wet materials….   We also made our own pancakes 🙂




The Tiger and the Mouse.

Last week class 6P did some fantastic learning about “The Tiger and the Mouse” story. We identified a tiger using instruments during our music session, we also learned to identify loud and quiet. Class 6P described the Tiger and the Mouse in many different ways using objects, pictures and sensory materials.

Chinese New Year

This week class 6P were inspired by Chinese New Year. We have been reading Chinese New Year story, then we participated in role play around our classroom as well as in the corridors. We have been exploring writing using our new touch screen. At the end of the week class 6P went to Manchester to visit a Chinese supermarket, we could see different items and match them to our communication boards. We enjoyed looking at lovely decorations around the Chinatown.


With our: “Guess Who?” topic, we have been reading “The Cave”, class 6P explored this book and enjoyed it a lot. This week we have adapted this book and we found a bird in a Cave, this led us to lovely activities around birds with describing and identifying different ones. Today we made some bird feeders and we placed them in our forest.