With our: “Guess Who?” topic, we have been reading “The Cave”, class 6P explored this book and enjoyed it a lot. This week we have adapted this book and we found a bird in a Cave, this led us to lovely activities around birds with describing and identifying different ones. Today we made some bird feeders and we placed them in our forest.

Happy New Year and welcome back

6P had brilliant start of the new year with lots of exciting learning. We started with an amazing music session led by Ian . Then we had many sensory activities around our new topic. Class 6P enjoyed outdoors this week, learning science in the Forest and  making the sensory map for geography  in Leverhulme Park.



Festive maths :)

This week class 6P enjoyed maths activities inspired by Christmas. Each child had their own maths Christmas cracker with numbers inside so we could explore our numbers in different ways. Then we went on Christmas tree number hunt where we could match numbers, we also found some chocolate coins ( mmm yummy), we counted them and  we were able to identify correct quantities. At the end we explored different colours in sensory room. We have had a brilliant learning week. 🙂


HOT and COLD science :)

Yesterday Class 6P made our own ice cream then we made a prediction that ice cream going to be “COLD”. Today we got them out of the cold freezer and we were able to identify that ice cream feels “COLD”. Then we went to staff room to made  hot chocolate, we learned about safety in the kitchen: washing hands, wearing protective equipment like oven gloves and being careful around oven and microwave. We could see that solid chocolate once in hot microwave became liquid. Then we followed instructions  to make our own hot chocolate. We could identify that hot chocolate is “HOT”. We enjoyed making our comparison.


“Benissimo”. We are exploring Italy.

Yesterday 6P really enjoyed pasta making. We were very focussed on this activity, we mixed all ingredients then we pressed and rolled the dough using our hands. Then one by one we used a pasta machine, we could see dough changing into thin pasta and we could cut it into spaghetti. We cooked our pasta and some of us enjoyed tasting it. 🙂                                                                                                           

Our amazing Assembly

 We performed our “Local Community” class Assembly to the whole school and our parents yesterday. Everyone loved it because class 6P were absolutely fantastic. Together with help from our friends we built a map to show that Ladywood is at the heart of our local community. Here are a few snaps. 🙂


Firework extravaganza.

This week activity were the amazing fireworks. On Tuesday we have been very artistic all children have been using different painting and collage techniques to create  our own firework display, as a group we used marbles in paint and we move around the tray, in the background on the touch screen we could see and hear the firework display. In individual stations we made: paper rockets which we blew through straw to make it fly, then we used glue and glitter on aluminium foil to make sparkles.  The next day we decorated cookies using different colours of icing sugar, then they made  mini fireworks by dipping carrot sticks in chocolate and multi-coloured sprinkles. The children had a large variety of fun and exciting activities. 🙂