The Seasons.

This term in science we are going to be looking at the seasons.


Each season has 3 months in each. The Winter months are December,January and February. Spring months are March,April and May. Summer months are June,July and August. Autumn months are September,October and November.

Can you remember how many months are in a year?

How many days are in a week?

We are in the month of June which is in Summer. We need to protect ourselves from the hot sun outside and the short video below will explain all about what we have to do.




Here is a reminder of what you need to keep yourselves safe and protected from the sun outside.

Can you choose which weather we get in what season?

Depending on the season we wear different clothes, can you say what season you will wear these clothes?


Lets describe the seasons ?

Here are some words to start you off…. warm,cloudy,hot,green and fresh.

Can you think of any of your own? Maybe you could put them into a sentence?

Can you remember what describing words are called?

Maybe you could draw a picture of one of the seasons and send it in for us to look at :

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