Let’s get moving!

Kerry, Gaynor and Katie are focusing on exercise this week.

We have a positive mindset by being active and exploring the outdoors.

What is your favourite exercise or activity? 

How do you feel after you have exercised? 

It is really important to be as active as we possibly can. Have a look at the video below to see the reasons why people exercise and ideas on what we can do to stay active.

Last week we started to look at different places, focusing on their physical and human features. This week we are exploring different areas and their features. We have taken some photos for you explore and label. 

What features can you see?

Have you been out walking?

You may have even explored a new area. We would love to see your pictures on staying active and experiencing different places.


On your walk, take a photo with a geography feature that you can name.

Search on google maps to find different types of geography features.

Explore different countries and climates. What features do they have that are different to what we have?


Share your learning to larch@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk





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