Geography learning

We are learning this half term in Geography all about different places in the UK and their human and physical features.

Rivington Pike is a hill on Winter Hill, part of the West Pennine Moors at Rivington, Chorley in Lancashire England.

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales. It is located in Snowdonia national park.

Does anything look different or similar between the two places?

Maybe you could do some research to find out the following information:

Rivington Pike has a tower, how tall is it?

How high is Snowdon?

How long does it take to climb Snowdon?

Are Rivington and Snowdon near Bolton?

You could use :  


What is the climate like at Rivington and Snowdon.

Is it the same or different? If it is different do you know why?

You could go for a walk up Rivington but would hike up Snowdon as it is much steeper and harder to climb.

Here is a picture of myself climbing Snowdon. Can you see what equipment or clothes I am wearing, choose from the pictures below. What else do you think I would need?

Physical Geography is the Earths natural features, such as a mountain,grass and the coastline.

Human Geography is everything that is made and built by man.


Are these pictures of physical or human geography? Can you sort them correctly?

I would love to see pictures of you out walking and spotting lots of human or physical features.

Send you pictures to

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  1. I have climbed to Rivington Pike and up Snowdon (though this was a very long time ago!)
    It was very windy weather on both of these trips. I’ve just bought some new walking boots so that I can take more adventurous hikes. I wonder where the children have been on their walks?
    Kerry 🙂


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