Maths number!


Lets warm up before we begin our learning. Join in with the video below and let’s count  and move together to 100.

What number can you count to?

I have used stickers on my video below to count to 10, try it with me!

Can you carry on to 20? or even 100!

Challenges to try:

Number bonds to 10
Number bonds to 20 

Below is a video of how you can practice number bonds to 10 at home. I have used twigs for my objects to help, you can use any 10 objects around your house or outside. You may want to try it without objects.


Pairs to 100

Challenge yourself and see how many pairs you can do that make 100!

Examples in 10’s     

 10 + 90 = 100 

30 + 70 = 100

Examples to try in 5’s

5 + 95 = 100

55 + 45 = 100

We would love to see your learning. Send in photos or videos to   and we can add them on to this post 🙂


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