Science learning

Class 6K have been classifying and sorting materials. They sorted the materials into the correct categories.

Research was carried out using ICT to find out what plastic pollution is and where it is affecting, 6K made fact files to show what they had found. 

Super learning, 6K!

The class all made a robot using recycled materials.

The robots give you a challenge to recycle as much as you possibly can!

World Book Day in 6K

6K look amazing in their World Book Day outfits!

6K love to read! They come into school and read every morning either individually or with a peer.

Bobby – “Reading is good”

Rio – “I like reading”

Maisie – “I read everyday at school and at home”

Emerson – “I love to read comics”

James – “Its good”

Leon – ” I think once you get into reading, it is actually quite interesting”

Jack – “Reading is great”

Ella – “Reading is exciting and interesting”

6K staff also dressed up! 

Can you guess which book we are from?

World Book Day 2020



What an amazing first week back!

Happy Birthday, Leon! We all had a fantastic time celebrating your birthday!

Our new maths topic this term is statistics. We collected data on peoples favorite pancake topping and recorded our results!

Leon – “It was great, we got to go around the classes and ask the teachers what their favourite toppings are”

Jack – “Sugar and lemon was the favourite”

Rio – “I like it”

Bobby “It was good”


We cannot wait for next week!

Pancake day!

Class 6K had an engaging pancake day with lots of exciting activities!

Leon- ” It was interesting because instead of just making the pancake we got to gather the ingredients to make it”

Emerson- “I enjoyed the different stations in the hall to gather the ingredients”

Jack- “I liked the sugar and lemon”

Rio- ” I liked to eat pancakes”

Bobby- ” The race was good”

James- ” I was the champion at flipping”


  Flail the wheat                               Grind the grains                                     Flour                        Collect the eggs from the chickens              Milk from the cows



A great week 6K

Following on from our healthy bodies topic, Jack brought in a healthy fruit to share with his friends.

We all tasted papaya! 

Leon – “At first I thought the taste was weird, but after the second bite it was tasty and delicious”

Jack – ” It is good”

James – “I like it”

Class 6K relaxed their mind and their bodies this week. We focused on working in a relaxed setting with our peers.

Maisie – “I felt calm and relaxed”

Bobby – “I liked it”

Emerson – “I actually enjoyed it”

We made some great cakes for the Valentines Disco and some lovely cards for our friends and family.

Rio – “Its good”

Ella – “I thought it was a good experience so everyone gets a card”



A wow moment!

Our next topic is time travellers! We are travelling back in time….

 Can you guess what 6K have made?

Which television programme is it from?



We hope you have a great half term!

Kerry, Gaynor and Katie







Children’s Mental Health week.

This week has been exciting in 6K for Children’s Mental Health week.

We looked at the definition of brave and how we can be brave in different ways. 

We carried out a taste test, the children decided whether they liked the food or not.

Leon – “All the foods were yummy, my most favourite was the pickled onions”

Rio – ” I like it”

Jack – “I liked the olives”

James – ” Don’t like it, the onion”



Class 6K have all made a recipe for courage.

Each child made a jar and filled it with the things that make them brave! 


              Bobby – “I give hugs”               Ella – “I like friendship”       Maisie – ” I think it is interesting and detailed”

What a fantastic week in class 6K!

In DT Class 6K have learnt what is meant by a healthy diet. We have explored this by creating balanced meals and making banana bread using the correct tools to measure and mix. 

James – “I like it, cut up”

Bobby – “Good”

Rio – “It was good”

In Science we have been learning about the human skeleton, being able to name and locate the bones in our body. 

Leon- ” I thought it was funny and really good”

Jack- “Pelvis is your hips”

Great learning 6K!


Christmas Festivities

Class 6k enjoyed a lovely week of Christmas festivities in school.

A Christmas Dinner with all the classes, it was lots of fun!

They also made elf hats to wear at the party!

  Our final surprise was a visit from Father Christmas, everyone got a present.

We are so lucky!



We hope that everybody has a wonderful Christmas and we will see you all in the New Year!