What a fantastic week for 6K!

In Geography, 6K have traveled to Florida, China and Russia through the use of ICT. We have researched and found some interesting facts.

Did you know? ..

” China has the largest population in the world, with approximately  1.3 billion living in China” – Leon

“Florida is best known for its theme parks, beaches, alligators and the heat”- Maisie 

“Russia is the largest country in the world”- Jack

“The Great Wall of China is a large structure”- Emerson



To conclude our Out of this world topic, 6K have created some amazing solar system artwork this week!

They look fantastic!

“I like it” – Rio

“5 stars on planet”- James

“I put a ring on my planet and meteors “- Ella 

“good planet”- Bobby



Have a lovely half term, 6K!

Class 6K team


Week 5 in class 6K

6K have had a fantastic week learning!

 In PSHE we all had a role to play within our teams to make a working catapult. Using our teamwork skills we made a catapult together and used pom poms to see which catapult would shoot the furthest.

“I think it was very exciting launching it and all being good friends” Emerson

“I liked the competition at the end” Leon

 ” I really loved it because we built it together” Ella

” I like it” Rio

“I like building” James

” I liked the make” Maisie

“The pom poms went across the room. What was challenging was putting the sticks together” Jack

  “Good throw” Bobby 



The fire service came to visit 6K to talk about safety. The children learnt the STOP, DROP and ROLL technique.

We looked at what a fire fighter wears and tried on the clothing.

Look at the pictures below to see the inside of the fire engine and how the hose works – we all got a little wet!!




The democratic school council votes took place earlier this week. We each decided who we would like as our class Councillors and voted in the ballot box.

We welcome Maisie and Jack as this years 6K school councillors!

Week 4 in 6K

What an amazing week 6K have had with their learning! 


In art this week we have recreated Kandinsky’s circle art, everyone created their circle art on their pencils. They look fantastic!!


        James – ” Orange and awesome”


We have practiced different hand-eye coordination skills in P.E, ready for playing a team game of basketball.









In science we have conducted a fair test investigating on how the moon got its craters.

We also experimented by dropping different sized rocks into the flour to make comparisons on size.

Leon– “It was a really fun science experiment on how the moon got its craters” 

Emerson – “Exciting and fun”           

Rio- “I like it”

Week 3 in 6K!

We have had a very exciting week in 6K.

In class we have started taking care of our surroundings and completing every day jobs to grow our independence as year 6! All the children love to help out around class and around school and are excellent role models for their younger peers.


We joined 5P for space themed PE and moved like astronauts and practiced our throwing and catching skills.

“I liked how we were buddies in P.E” Leon

“I can throw the ball” Rio

In Science this week we compared the evidence supporting both the Flat Earth Theory and Spherical Earth Theory. We concluded the Earth is Spherical!

“I thought its interesting how we were debating whether the Earth was flat or Spherical” Leon

We explored the shape of the planets and created the center of our universe. Can you guess which burning star they have created?

“I like it” Rio

“It’s a smile, I made the sun” Bobby

“It’s round” James

We explored different tools in art to recreate Kandinsky’s style of art and have begun learning about Hinduism, asking our own questions and exploring their dress.

“It’s good and I learnt something new” Maisie

“I liked dressing up in the Sari” Ella

“I liked the art work” Leon (the children created temple artwork with watercolor backgrounds).

In PSHE we worked on our communicating skills by splitting in to teams and completing STEM challenges. The children were great at listening to each other and each having the opportunity to give instructions. 

“I liked the building, I liked how we did the brick building like Lego therapy” Ella

“I liked how we had to communicate to copy the building you made” Leon

“I liked how we did that marshmallow build” Jack

“The blocks was good” Bobby

We cannot wait for another amazing week! 

Week 2!

An amazing second week back!

We have started learning all about the planets in our solar system. We created our own to learn about their shape and then enjoyed watching them fizz away! Watch how much fun we had below:


6K have enjoyed beginning to learn to play the ukulele and learning about country music.

Our current class book is ‘Toys in Space’. We enjoyed writing our own endings to the story this week as half of it went missing! The children were really creative with their descriptions.


6K enjoyed a walk around the school grounds to learn about human and physical geography. If you are out and about this weekend see if they can spot man-made items and natural items in their environments. 

Have a great weekend!

Welcome Back!

Welcome to class 6K!

What a wonderful start back we’ve had. The children have really enjoyed getting to know their new peers and becoming familiar with our new classroom.

We have kicked started our topic ‘Out Of This World’ and the children have though of some really interesting questions they would like to answer. A really popular one was

“Why does the earth turn?”

Could you find out the answer at home? If you do let us know on here or in your child’s diary.

Here’s a look at some of our learning over our short week back. Let us know what you think!



to 6K!

   Lets meet the team!


Kerry – Teacher

Gaynor – Teaching Assistant 


Katie – Teaching Assistant



We hope you have all had a lovely summer and are ready for the new term ahead!


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