Hey everyone .

As its half term this week we thought it would be nice to start to grow your own plant .You should receive an envelope in the post with your seeds in it.When they arrive , you can follow the video that shows you how to plant them .

The only clue you can have is its something you can eat!! .We cant wait wait to see pictures of your plants

Good Luck 


Well done to everyone for looking at the blog and taking part in some of the learning.

We have put together a picture video of everything you have been up to this half term.


We hope you have had fun.

It makes us so happy seeing the pictures of you all.

Thank you for sending them in.

have a lovely half term.See you in a week.

Claire, Gillian,Lynn and Karly.

Life skills task 4

So this weeks life skill task is all about keeping clean, have a look to see what Karly does to keep herself clean in the video below.

Keeping clean is an important life skill that you need throughout you life.

What do you do to keep yourself clean?

We would love to hear what you do to keep yourself clean.

You could maybe send a picture of yourself washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

We wonder who could do that? It would be lovely to hear from you.

Class 6H Team




Eggcellent News

Karly has got some exciting news to share with you all, watch the video below to find out more….


Wow Can you believe it  We now have three baby chicks.


What do you think of the baby chicks?

Can you think of any names for them?


The chicken laid the eggs and then she sat on them for 21 days to keep them warm to help the chicks grow.

At school when we have eggs they sit inside an incubator to help keep them warm but we didn’t need this because the chicken sat on them instead keeping them warm herself.

After 21 days the chicks were fully grown and they hatched out of the eggs.

They are still with their mum sitting under her to keep warm and coming out for food and drink every now and then.



Maybe you could write a letter to the chicks welcoming them to the world or draw a picture of them.

We would love to know what you think by writing below on the blog post or send an email to us.

We hope this brightened up your day.

Class 6H Team

Smeds and the Smoos

Happy Monday everyone!

Your task this week is to listen to the below story of the Smeds and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson and to take part in the activity Claire has set  for you.

We hope you enjoyed the story, here is a symbol mat that may help you talk through the story with your family at home.


What happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

Do you know any other stories that have a similar theme?



The Smeds like to play in the water and drink pink milk whilst the Smoos like to drink black tea.

Look at Claire’s video below and see if you can do some capacity learning.




Don’t forget to use your mathematical vocabulary!

Can you measure a litre?

Does the watering can hold more or less than a litre?

What about the teapot?

Can you put the containers in order of how much they will hold?




We hope you enjoy completing this task and we would love to see what you have been doing.

Remember just send  any pictures  to the email address at  the TOP of the page.

Class 6H Team

Lets get Arty!

Hi everyone. Today we are going to look at the artist

                                                        Leonardo Da Vinci


Leonardo Da Vinci was an  Italian artist, he specialised in painting,drawing and sculpting. He  is well known for his very famous portrait-

                                                         The Mona Lisa

This painting is seen to be a masterpiece and is one of the most valuable paintings in the world.The painting  is in a museum in Paris.



Here are some other portraits Leonardo Da Vinci did


What is a portrait?

A portrait is a painting or drawing of someone showing only the face or head and shoulders.


We thought you might like to have a go at drawing or painting your own portraits of someone in your house, just like Leonardo Da Vinci did.


Karly had a go at drawing LuLu the dog. She took a picture first then drew her very own portrait, do you like it?


Have a go and send us your pictures to the email address at the top of the page.

After you have done your portrait drawings you could maybe research Leonardo Da Vinci and see what else you can find out about him.

Have fun!

Class 6H Team


Zoom Meeting

What a great time we had seeing some of your faces and speaking to each other on zoom this afternoon.

Keep a look out for a text message letting you know when our next zoom meeting will be.

Stay safe.

Class 6H Team

Life skills Task 3

Hi everyone,

This weeks life skills task is on the video below, what could Claire be doing?

take a look to find out:



So this weeks task is to do some washing up, drying or loading/unloading the dishwasher.

Who can take on the challenge?

We would love to see videos or photographs of you taking part in this task, just send them to the email address at the TOP of the page.

Have fun!

Class 6H Team