Hey everyone .

As its half term this week we thought it would be nice to start to grow your own plant .You should receive an envelope in the post with your seeds in it.When they arrive , you can follow the video that shows you how to plant them .

The only clue you can have is its something you can eat!! .We cant wait wait to see pictures of your plants

Good Luck 

V.E. Celebration cakes

Here is  a short video showing you how to make fairy cakes ideal for eating at you V.E. celebration or party.I have also included the recipe which really simple to follow .You will need help from an adult using the oven.

 These are the ingredients.


When your cakes have cooled you can decorate them however you like.We cant wait to see your pictures of your brilliant ideas.

Enjoy them they taste beautiful.

Time Machine


This is amazing!!

Our time traveller has made his own time travel machine .We hope you had lots of fun with your machine and used your imagination to take to to wonderful places.We are so pleased you completed your mission .Keep looking to see what your next task will be .Team work makes the dream work. Thank you

Home tasks

Well done to our superstar for making his own bed at home.We are really glad you are challenging yourself with the home tasks being set.Keep up the good work and we will look forward to seeing more evidence of you trying your best and learning more skills .Thank you

Life skills task 2

Hi everyone we hope you enjoyed the hoovering task last week. 


Every Wednesday we will be sending you a new life skills task, I wonder what we have in store for you this week?

Click on the link below to watch the video to find out your task:




Wow what a challenge! we wonder who can complete this?

Please send your pictures, videos or messages to us. We would love to hear from you (the email address is on the main blog page) and remember you can always send us a message on here by typing your message into the comments box.


Take care, Class 6H Team.