Here is our very own class email.

Please send all of your photos and video


Well the time has come… the end of our time as a Class 6H. You have all been superstars…so we’d like to invite you to a special party on Thursday at 3pm (ZOOM DETAILS will be sent out soon). 

Here is your invitation… 

To get ready for the party, we’d like you to…

1. Think of all the special times we’ve had together as a class and all the memories we have made. 

You could write, draw or talk about your memories and how you are feeling. Remember those feelings are all fine. We are feeling sad but proud too! 

2. Draw or paint a picture / mask of you as a GRADUATE

  and write a sentence to say why you are proud of yourself! 

3. Practise the CELEBRATION song and dance! 


4. Come ready to party and say GOODBYE to our friends on Thursday…balloons,party hats, hooters, party clothes, party food, banners all welcome too! 


We can’t wait to see you there! Have fun 6H! 


This week’s learning continues our Sound learning from a couple of weeks ago. If you remember we learnt how sound was made (via vibrations) and did an experiment to see sound (watching the rice dance).

If you clap your hands, the air around your hands shakes – this is the air molecules vibrating. 

Why not have a go now? 


When air molecules inside the ear vibrate, they shake tiny hairs on the insides of the ears. The hairs are connected to nerves under the skin. These nerves send messages to your brain to tell you that you heard a noise. 

Can you point to your ear? Maybe some of you could research the structure of the ear. 

Your task this week is have a go at making a cup and string telephone. Have you noticed that the further you are from a sound source, the quieter it is? Why do you think that is? Predict – will a cup and string telephone make it easier to hear someone at a distance? Why do you think that is? 

Here is a video clip to help…

Here are the instructions for your cup and string telephone…


So super scientist – what did you discover? 

Don’t forget to send photos of your Science learning to Have fun!!! 

The Labours of Hercules

As you were so excited by the Minotaur last week, we’ve decided to continue with another Narrative Poem called The Labours of Hercules. Have a listen and read the poem below.

So Hercules had to perform lots of tasks to prove how brave he was. Can you remember any of the mythical beasts he had to beat? Your task this week is to choose one, make it and write a description about it. Here are a couple of examples:-

One of them was a hydra – a big big snake with 9 heads. Why don’t you have a go at making one?  You only need a plastic cup and some green paper or card or colour your 9 snake heads in green. Then write some words or sentences to describe it. 

He also had to fight a 3 headed dog called Cerberus.

Maybe you could draw one and then write about it. 

Remember your positional language from last week – you could hide your mythical creature and then describe where it is to a member of your family…have fun! 

The Myth of the Minotaur

Happy Monday everybody we hope you had a lovely weekend and you spoilt your dads.

This week we are continuing our learning on Narrative Poetry.

We have a very special visitor joining us today have a look at the video to see who it is.


WOW It’s a Minotaur!

Did you enjoy listening to that poem?

You can read it too:


 Have a go at making your very own Minotaur

Once you’ve made you Minotaur- write some words or sentences to describe it.


Some of you could then hide your Minotaur and describe where it is hiding? Is it on the table or under the chair?

Some of you could also make a maze for the Minotaur using string or Lego like in the pictures.

Can you then direct a family member through the maze using positional language- e.g. turn left, walk forwards etc…?

There’s so many fun activities for you to do this week. We hope you enjoy them, we would love to see what you have been up to.

Claire,Gillian, Karly and Lynn




Life skills task

Please watch the video below to see what your task is this week.

So this weeks task is recycling. 

What can you find to recycle?

Do you know what coloured bins you need to put them in?(maybe an adult can help)

We would love to see pictures of you recycling at your house.

Have fun and have a lovely weekend.

Claire, Gillian, Karly and Lynn


Year 6 Memory Boxes

Karly and Lynn really enjoyed coming to see the year 6 children last week, they delivered the memory boxes to start the beginning of transition.


It was great to see all of your smiley faces. We hope you enjoyed the visit.

Some of you have sent pictures of your finished boxes, they look fantastic.

Remember to fill your boxes with all of your lovely memories of Ladywood.