Lets Make Memories topic

Image result for line of stars gifImage result for line of stars gif    A new and exciting topic for this half term with lots that can be done at home with families.

Here is an overview of the subject content and an ideas mat to help with ideas that can be done at home. We look forward to seeing some creative and exciting photos.


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Here are some symbols which may help when learning alongside Geography or Science for this topic. Enjoy getting outdoors in whatever weather we get.                                                          Wear the right clothes, look at what is around you, look for any shadows, learn some new vocabulary.

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Congratulations Class 5P


This week the Class 5P children each received special deliveries!

One of the packages was a gift from the class team containing: crafts, balloons, trinkets. All based on our story of the week: The Remember Balloons to say well done on a super year!

The other was a ‘Stay at Home Superhero‘ package from the whole school to say well done on learning during lock down and for being all round super stars♥!

We hope you enjoy your packages!

Can you spot your friends receiving theirs below?

Pupil Voice:

The Remember Balloons

As we draw in close to the end of the school year 2019-2020 we would like to focus on ‘Memory Making‘.

Our story this week: The Remember Balloons.

You can watch it here:

What did you think of this week’s story?


For your learning at home this week – can you think of one memory to share with your friends of your school year?

You can email it to: poplar@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk or let us know about it during our Welfare Call or Class Zoom.


Can you theme your learning around balloons?


Warm Up with Jack Hartmann

Ideas: Can you count balloons, add them together, identify the colours of balloons?


Warm up with Geraldine:


Can you write down memories to put inside your balloons?

Can you learn the phonic sounds from these balloons (click the link to download the balloon work sheets):




The colour monster

Managing your emotions this week around the theme of ‘The Colour Monster’

we have:

a story for you to listen to.

an emotion charades video,

a junk monster activity, 

a mindful breathing video and

a monster sensory jar activity video.




It was lovely to see you on zoom today.

Let’s hope we can get everyone next week 🤞🏻




Design Your Own Monster


How to learn a new word at home with parent/carer

Hi 5P. You can see that in this new topic there are lots of new vocabulary in our Geography learning. Below is a video to help you learn some new words at home using the word map. We have done lots of these in class and maybe you could make some at home with someone who looks after you.

Try making word maps for some of the words below or if these are too tricky that is ok. Look at new words of objects in your house. Ball, bowl, spoon. Think about how you would describe them?

remember sounds on the right, characteristics on the left.


We would love to see some of your new words.


Geography – Comparing human and physical features

Geography – Human and Physical Features

A human feature – Things that have been made by humans like cars, houses, shops.

A physical feature – Part of the earth that has been formed by nature such as water, mountains, lakes.

Can you separate these pictures into physical and human features?



Now watch the video to see if you got the right answers


Hello Class 5P!

I hope you’re all getting on okay at home.

Today we are going to learn about capacity!

Capacity is the amount that something can contain.


To begin our learning can you say/sign/point to these key words:

Two more important words are:

Litre sometimes written as ltr

Milliliter sometimes written as ml

Litre and milliliter are units of measure used in capacity.

True or False!

Is the statement below true or false of the picture?

  1. My glass is FULL.
  2. My glass is EMPTY.
  3. I measure capacity in grams.
  4. I can measure my slipper in milliliters.
  5. When using my measuring jug I should tip it to the side.

Answers: 1. True / 2. False / 3. False / 4. False / 5. False

Learning at Home

To continue your capacity learning at home you can:

Download these free Twinkl capacity learning sheets:

  • Capacity Challenge Cards:


  • Capacity Challenge Cards:





  • Can you find a measuring jug at home?
  • Can you fill it with various amounts of water and read the measurement?
  • Can you compare different glasses of water and state which are full or empty?
  • Can you read how many litres are in your bottles of juice at home?
  • Can you add milliliters and litres?


I can’t wait to hear about your learning at home!

The Oak Academy Online Lessons


Hi All,

We hope you are getting on well at home.

Today we would like to take some time to share with you a fantastic online resource created by The Oak Academy.


Follow this link to explore more about the Oak Academy:




How to Access Free Online Lessons & Resources –

  1. Open the website and select either year group or subjects tab.

2. Scroll down to select view Specialist Curriculum

3. Select a lesson and choose a stage to view lessons.

4. We recommend Building Understanding for Class 5P but please feel free to explore any of the other stages.


Please follow the below link to see an example of a Number Lesson: Building Understanding – Exploring Number through Songs & Play:


We hope you enjoy accessing these lovely lessons and we look forward to hearing all about your learning!


Kind regards,


Class 5P

International Dough Disco day

Today is Dough Disco day

Lets get some play dough out, maybe the one we sent to your house (maybe it needs a tiny drop of water), and all do some disco with it. Remember we used to do this in class and you were all Fabulous!

Here are some of the moves/symbols for Dough Disco, warm your fingers up, by following spread the happines doing Dough disco. Follow the moves with the play dough. She will be going live all week on you tube.



After each move you can say what you think?

Now your fingers are warmed up maybe you could do some drawing of the beach, or something else related to our topic. Could you write some key words or small sentences about your picture?

Send your learning into us via email, we’d love to see it.
Happy squeezing of play dough, warming up of fingers, and mark making 😍