Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really BIG Adventure! Part One

This week, I wanted to share a story we’ve enjoyed in school and see what we can remember from what we read!  (It’s also a great story!)


Comprehension Questions

  1. What was in the middle of the forest?
  2. What was the door made of at the bottom of the tower?
  3. What kind of staircase was in the tower?
  4. What kind of animal was Envelope?
  5. What kind of animal was the good, grey mare?
  6. What weapon did Charlie carry?
  7. What drink did Charlie carry?
  8. How many beasties were in the forest?
  9. What did Charlie do with the sword in the forest?


Can you draw what Charlie was going to take with him on his adventure and label them?

Can you design your own sandwich for Charlie and label it?

Can you draw your own beastie and write a sentence about it?

Can you put these powerful words into your own sentences? 

thorny, pointy, fearless, slobbering, terrible, shivered, moaning, groaning



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