Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! (Especially, Jonathan, Bethany, Jackson, Finlay, Sabrina and Saqib!)  We hope everyone is doing well and if anyone needs any help with their home learning or how to use education city or purple mash, please leave a comment below!

This is the website we love to use in class to help us stay active: https://www.gonoodle.com/

And don’t forget our favourite!: https://app.gonoodle.com/activities/sonic-the-hedgehog-here-comes-the-boom-gonoodle?s=Search&t=sonic

And Paul’s favourite!: https://app.gonoodle.com/activities/milkshake?s=Search&t=milkshake

This is the website where we each have our own individual logins: www.educationcity.com

And the other one!: https://www.purplemash.com/sch/ladywood-bl3


Top of the Charts!

We hope you enjoy looking at what we were up to on Friday!  We were joined by members of 6K as we learned how to make a bar chart.  We saw how many times on the row we could catch a ball or a bean bag, and then made a giant bar chart on the carpet!  We then made our own mini-bar-chart using photos and counters/cubes.

Travelling Back In Time!

As part of our ‘Stone Age’ topic, we used our tardis to travel back in time to the stone age and tried to recreate the cave paintings from days gone by.  We looked at original cave paintings first and found that the stone age people painted horses, cows and people.  They also used to paint using their hands which felt great and was fun for us to do ourselves!

A Mini-Supermarket-Sweep!

5M (with three visitors from 6H) enjoyed shopping in their local B & M Bargains and Home Bargains for board games for school!  Thanks to the wonderful fundraising by the school council, the children were able to buy a range of board games for use during Friday golden time.  They were able to buy ‘Uno’, ‘Jenga’, ‘Snakes & Ladders’, ‘Mr Funny Face’, ‘Don’t Buzz The Wire’, ‘Ker-Plunk’, ‘Bingo’ and a fishing game!

5M were eager to try out the Bingo as soon as they got back to class!

Pancake Day really ‘creped’ up on us!

We have a super learning day on Pancake Day, with all activities around the theme of ‘Pancakes, Pancakes’ by Eric Carle.  We learnt which ingredients you need to make a pancake, how flour is made from grain and how milk is made!  We tried different toppings on our pancakes – there was so much to choose from!  Class 5M even did a superb job learning how to flip pancakes, with Jonathan the winner in the ‘fastest pancake flipper’ competition!

We hope you like our pictures!

Safer Internet Day 2020

As it is Safer Internet Day, we wanted to show how we use the internet!  On the internet, 5M like to do the following things:

  • We like to watch videos.
  • We like to use youtube.
  • We like to play on our laptops.
  • We like to play games on Scratch.

Here are our tips for staying safe online:

  • Use YouTube Kids instead of the normal YouTube.
  • Don’t go on games that are too old for you.
  • Tell an adult straight away if you see something rude.

Pets At School!

Wow!  What an exciting day we had on Tuesday as Judith brought her son’s rabbit to school and we had a whole day of bunny fun!  We got to have lots of cuddles but also had a great discussion about what you need to do to look after a pet.  It also tied in with our learning about food chains and life cycles!  We have also purchased our own sea monkeys to keep as a class pet.  We look forward to them hatching by next week!