Astley Park Petting Zoo

Yesterday we had a fabulous time at Astley Park Pets’ Corner in Chorley!  As part of our new topic for this half-term, Ready, Steady……Care, we visited a place where exotic animals were cared for.  We got to ask questions to the manager and pet different animals, including a tortoise and a snake!  We were very brave!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year for 2020!

We had lots of fun before Christmas….performing superbly in our Christmas performance as the smurfs and postmen!  Singing a song from the late 1970s with ‘Father Abraham’, we put our own lyrics to the song.  We did really well to learn the whole song and perform three different times to parents.  We were nervous but we did so well!  (We even didn’t mind wearing blue makeup!)


We also had lots of fun creating Christmas crafts to take home for our families.  We had to concentrate!


Groovy Greeks!

On Wednesday last week, we had lots of fun starting our ‘Groovy Greeks’ topic!  We dressed up in tunics and researched what Greek buildings looked like from photos.  We discovered that they were mostly white and had lots of columns and steps.  We then built our own Greek buildings out of lego!

Last week we also learned about Remembrance and visited Bolton Museum to discover some ancient artefacts.

Our trip to the factory!

On Friday, 5M visited Harmony Blinds in Bolton.  We got to ask lots of questions about how blinds are made, how a factory works, what a sales office does, what the manager does and how products are made.  We learned about the type of machinery that factories have and what computers might be used for in the making of blinds.  We saw some blinds where alexa could be used to control how they worked!  We all thought of our own questions and were really confident!  This was all part of our science topic on materials.  We were even given a special gift bag each with our own pen, notepad, drinking cup and other treats!  Thank you to Colin the Manager who gave us a tour and looked after us!

Bethany said: “We loved going to the factory.”

Finlay said: “Thank you for all the comments.  Thank you for letting us go to the blinds factory and we enjoyed it.”

Jackson said: “I have spoken to Alexa.”

Saqib said: “It was really good.”







Our rockets!

We fired our rockets by mixing medicine powder (alka-seltzer) and coke zero.  ( YOU MUSN’T TRY DOING THIS AT HOME UNLESS YOU ASK AN ADULT FOR HELP)

We have been coming up with our own questions about these rockets.  What are your answers?

Do you think our next one will blow up?

Do you think our next rocket will go higher?

Do you like our learning?

Do you think you would like doing the rockets?