Poetry Learning

Today we are going to look at three different kinds of poetry.

Acrostic, Simile and Limerick


Acrostic Poem Click on this link to watch a short video!


An acrostic poem is where the first letter of each line spells out a word, message or alphabet.

You can write out just one word or you can write a full sentence.

Here are some examples that I wrote.


Now lets look at a different type of poetry!

simile makes a comparison, showing similarities between two different things.

Therefore it uses the words “as” and “like” to make the direct comparison in a poem.

Finally, lets learn about these!

A limerick is a humorous poem with five lines that always have the same rhyme and pattern.

Lines one, two and five always have the same rhyme, while lines three and four rhyme with each other.


Limerick Poem Click on this link to watch this short video!


Here are two examples of a limerick poem. Hope you like them!


Hope you have some fun learning about different poems.

Let us know how you get on and share your learning and photos to our class email.




Look at our learning!

One of the boys in 5M has decided he’s much better with instruments than his teacher Paul!  Look at him play the keyboard, bang on the drums, shake his tambourine and strum his guitar!

Musical Instruments

I’ve been learning the harmonica and some guitar at home.  I’ve also made a drum kit out of tins and jars.  Can you make your own drum kit?



Do you have any instruments at home? Can you make your own?



My blues song: Can you make your own?

I woke up today, I had no coco pops,

I woke up today, I had no coco pops,

Because I ran out of money, I couldn’t go to the shops!

I go to school and do lots of learning,

I go to school and do lots of learning,

My teacher, teacher, he’s always got me working!

Isle of Tune: This is a great website for making your own songs!  Watch the video below to see how to use it!

Look at our fabulous learning!

Look how busy we’ve been!  We’ve really enjoyed learning about light and shadows.  We’ve been climbing up hills and being real adventurers…Some of us have even been dancing!

Geography Learning

Can you guess where I am?  Where have I travelled to?

Use Google Earth to find the coast, the beach, the hills, the mountains and the valleys!  Can you find Ladywood School?

Can you use the right geographical words?


Interactive eBook

Sort the physical and human features!


Shadow fun

We are learning about light in science this half term!

I thought you may enjoy some fun at home learning about shadows 🙂

What is a shadow?

A shadow is formed when a solid object does not allow the light to pass through it.

How does light travel? Well in 5M we already know that it travels in a straight line.

It depends on how much of the light is blocked as to how strong that shadow will be.

Watch this little video to give you an idea of the different materials

Now lets have some fun!


Look at the photos below and see if you can decide which position the sun is in. 

Where is the sun? Can you guess?

Now lets see if you were right…

Here is another way you can investigate shadows

Why don’t you investigate some different ways to make a shadow at home.

You could try to make some of these patterns.

All you need are your hands, a blank wall and a light (but don’t forget to think about the position of the light)

If you can do these three, then you could try the next two, but they may be a bit more of a challenge to make the shape.

You can make a shadow with any object. Below I have made a person shadow out of pipe cleaners.

Lets see what shadows you can make at home!

We would love to hear your comments below and see your photos on our class email.




Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really BIG Adventure! Part One

This week, I wanted to share a story we’ve enjoyed in school and see what we can remember from what we read!  (It’s also a great story!)


Comprehension Questions

  1. What was in the middle of the forest?
  2. What was the door made of at the bottom of the tower?
  3. What kind of staircase was in the tower?
  4. What kind of animal was Envelope?
  5. What kind of animal was the good, grey mare?
  6. What weapon did Charlie carry?
  7. What drink did Charlie carry?
  8. How many beasties were in the forest?
  9. What did Charlie do with the sword in the forest?


Can you draw what Charlie was going to take with him on his adventure and label them?

Can you design your own sandwich for Charlie and label it?

Can you draw your own beastie and write a sentence about it?

Can you put these powerful words into your own sentences? 

thorny, pointy, fearless, slobbering, terrible, shivered, moaning, groaning



Adding and subtracting!

    Hi 5M…..let’s do some maths together!  We’re missing you but we’re glad you’re all safe!  After each video are some questions for you to have a go at!

2 + 7 = 

9 + 1 = 

8 + 3 =

4 + 2 = 

5 + 3 = 

Get a dice and make your own!  Put the answers in the comments!


8 – 5 = 

9 – 1 = 

8 – 3 =

7 – 2 = 

5 – 3 = 

Get a dice and make your own!  Put the answers in the comments!






Get a dice and make your own!  Put the answers in the comments!

12 + 17 = 

38 + 21 = 

14 + 23 =

44 + 12 = 

25 + 23 = 

Get a dice and make your own!  Put the answers in the comments!

17 – 12 = 

38 – 21 = 

24 – 13 =

44 – 12 = 

25 – 23 = 

Get a dice and make your own!  Put the answers in the comments!