Features of habitats around the world

Hi Class 5C,

Today we are going to learn about human and physical features of animal habitats and where in the world they live.


Let’s watch this video together first to recap on our learning 🙂


Now let’s look at where in the world some animals come from and the features of where they live.

The link for the website to look at the animals live in their habitat is here…


Happy learning and please comment to tell us what you have learned using the explore website 🙂

Social Stories

 These social stories might help explain to the children why they are in school or why they are at home. The symbols will help them understand and read for meaning along with you.
Don’t forget – keep checking Dojo at 9.30 and 1.30 for learning activities every day.
Class 5C Team



Reading at Home

Can we just remind everyone the importance to try and keep reading at home. This can be of course not only books but newspapers, comics, instructions, items around the home eg. reading a recipe or something we have written etc and also reading the blog together too.

There is a lovely e-library we use at school and for children at home too. Here is the link…..


You can also watch Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo, read stories from her ‘Read with Oxford Songbirds’ collections here

Storyteller videos: Julia Donaldson’s Songbirds

Happy reading and please can you bring your favourite book to the zoom tomorrow or send us a picture of it on here 🙂

Amazing Animals :-)

Hi Class 5C,

Today in geography we are going to learn more about animals and where they live. 


Here is a super app you can explore to find out where animals live. Ask your parents/carers to help you learn using this app and remember your internet safety too.


Lets’s learn together on the app!


Which is your favourite animal and

what did you learn about them? 


You can explore more about elephants here on Purple Mash

Use your logins from your home learning pack 🙂


This afternoon we are going to do some science learning and learn all about animals and humans.


What do we already know about humans and animals?

Can you write a list of animals?

How can we split these animals into different groups?

Can you write a list of  animals that have 2 legs? How many of your animals have 4 legs?

Can you think of any more differences with your animals?




Can you group your animals into herbivore, carnivore and omnivore?

Which food group are you?



Spot the difference


Write down what the elephant uses to eat and drink?

Write down what Brendan uses to eat and drink?

Can you spot any more differences between Brendan and the elephant.

We hope you had lots fun this afternoon.

Class 5C





A Taste of Class-Dojo!

Hi everyone! Here is a little example of some of the fun we had last week over on Dojo! – stay tuned for more on both our blog and dojo pages.


I hope you enjoyed the video everyone. Apologies, I signed good morning (in wrong order) rather than good afternoon, see we are all adapting to learning at home!

Friday Afternoon Tasks,

1) Choose a ‘Just Dance’ track on YouTube and have a dance.

2) Draw a picture of your favourite animal.

3) Can you find out one fact about that animal?
What food does your animal eat?

4) Take a photo of something you have eaten this weekend that you think is healthy

5) Go outside for a walk, or play and take a picture and share with the class where you have been.

6 ) Would an elephant eat soup or a banana ?

Stay safe, have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday

Team 5C


Daily Online Learning in 5C

Hi everyone – Just a reminder, we will still be posting on the blog regularly – but as you know, we are uploading and teaching daily on our Class-dojo page too. 

A normal day will run like this…

9.30 – Zoom Online Session – Welfare/Socialisation and Communication lesson with a daily Maths or English Focus

Directly after the lesson – Links will be posted to Class-dojo for those of you who could not make the live Zoom. 

1.30 – A direct teaching video with fun themed activities to do at home will be posted daily. We will be contacting you with packs to be delivered in the future (You all have one now) and making phone calls to catch up and support you all at home.

Messages from school will be posted in the ‘messages’ sections and the ‘class story’ section will have all the videos and links each weekday.

Here is an example of what we have done so far over on Dojo!

This is Brendan’s Science and PSHE from Friday!

This is Matthew’s French from Thursday…

This is an example of a learning link we’ll post each day…

This is an example of the messages we send to you on Dojo – school info and ideas of how we can help. (Please contact us at any time during the school day and we’ll help where we can.)


So…join us over on Class-Dojo and here on the blog, as there will be so much for us to do together. 


Take care and stay safe from the Class 5C Team.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


 We have had so much festive fun this week in class 5C making Christmas decorations, watching Christmas movies and having a Christmas dinner and party. 





Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Matthew, Mary, Kay and Brendan



Our Rapping Elves

Our children were absolutely amazing as rapping elves!! We watched the performance in class yesterday:-).

The children wrote the song and gave themselves an elf name before choosing rhyming words. Ian, our music teacher, helped us by writing a fantastic backing track and the children have really enjoyed singing it.