Make an iceberg!



It’s time for some science!  As our book is called ‘The Runaway Iceberg’, let’s make our own icebergs!

You can have all kinds of fun with Ice. Here is my favourite but I’m sure you can find your own.

Don’t forget to ask yourself your science questions when your having fun investigating.

What will happen to the water when you put it into the freezer?

What do you think will happen when you start to play with your ice balls?

Why do you think this is? Is the freezer hot or cold? Are your hands warm or cold?

Puppets and Animal Noises!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our story ‘Wake Up Time on Bumble Farm! Kay is wonder whether you can guess what each animal is from her actions…which animal noise can you make? (We may have an animal noise competition tomorrow)



In your resource pack, you have some animals and some lollipop sticks that you can use to make your own. Watch this video to see Lynn show us how to make one! (Hopefully you can have one ready for tomorrow morning’s zoom!)



Mosaic Art

In our history we are learning about the Romans and ancient Rome.


The Romans used a lot of mosaic tiles within their buildings.

They used them to decorate the walls and floors.

     Today we are going to look at mosaic art and how this was used in Roman times and is still used now!

        A long time ago the Romans decorated their walls and floors like this.

They used a lot of animals in their designs.

They also used lots of repeating patterns. 


Can you try to make a repeating pattern of your own like one of these examples?

Mosaics are still used today for all kind of things. Here are some examples.

Why don’t you try some mosaic art! I would love to see what you choose to do. Here are some ideas you could try at home!



Please send your pictures to our dojo so we can see your super learning!


Follow the story and sequence the pictures!

Hello everybody!  Today, I’ve recorded the whole of the ‘Wake-Up Time on Bumble Farm’ story for you to listen to…..and while you listen, I’ve got an activity for you!

In your pack, you should have a sheet of pictures for you to cut out and put in order.  Listen to the story and at the same time, put the pictures in order!

I hope you enjoy the story and the activity!