L.O- To explore different sources of light

Our Science is all about light have a look at the lovely video below. You can sing along if you want.

We are looking at different sources of light. Can you find something in your house or even outside that makes light.

Have a look at the picture below, can you sort them into things that make light and  do  not make light?



You could make a table like the one below on your computer or on purple mash or you could draw one.



 Can you draw a picture, take a picture or write about something you can find that makes light.



We look forward to seeing your learning.

Class 4H Team

What am I?




In our story Ten Little Lights there are lots of animals. Can you work out what the animal is by listening to or reading the clues? Here are some pictures that might help.

There are six clues, read or listen to the clue. Can you work out what it is? Look at the picture above to help you.

Have a go at sounding out the words. What sound do they start with? Can you write that sound? as a challenge you can attempt to write the full word.



Lets find out what it is….


Lets find out what it is……


Lets find out what it is….


Lets find out what it is….


Lets find out what it is….


Lets find out what it is….





Make sure you send us  a picture of your learning and let us know what you think.

Class 4H Team













Tuesday afternoon- Snowflake Maths!

Watch the video below and join in counting the snowflakes

Can you answer the following questions?

Use the numbers in the windows on the house to help you with your answers


Don’t forget to take a picture of your answers, post it on here or add them to Class Dojo 🙂 

Ten Little Lights


The story we are reading this week is called Ten Little Lights have a look at the video to listen to the story.

We hope you like this story what do you think of it?

Can you answer these questions about the story?



Can you make a paper snowflake? See if you can follow the instructions to make one.

We look forward to seeing your learning.

Class 4H Team


PSHE – what does it mean to be healthy? How do we stay healthy?

In our PSHE lesson this afternoon we are learning about keeping healthy.

It is very important to look after ourselves and keep ourselves safe right now. 

Have a watch of this video… Gully the Seagull shows us the importance of staying fit and well.

1. Talk to others about how we are feeling –  how do you feel today? 

2. Do some exercise

Maybe you could go for a walk , or do some JustDance or Cosmic Yoga?  Getting our bodies moving helps us to feel physically and mentally better.  

3. Think about what we need to wear

Is it hot or cold? That will help you decide what clothes to wear. Don’t forget we need to wear clean clothes too!

4.  Eat a balanced diet 

We talked about this last week on the food page of You Choose. Remember there are no bad foods – just some we should only have as a treat! Why don’t you try some fruit you’ve never tried before? Make a fruit salad or fruit kebab? 

5. Look after our personal hygiene

It is important to keep ourselves clean -do you prefer a bath or a shower? Here is a schedule to help you each day!


6. Have plenty or rest and sleep! What time is bedtime? It is very important to get a good night’s sleep. Try switching off your devices / iPads/ TVs an hour before bedtime. Maybe you could read a book instead? 


Why not have a go now at making your own poster of ways to stay healthy? We look forward to seeing them on class dojos or on the blog.





AA Ten Little Lights

Today’s Attention Autism is linked to our story of the week Ten Little Lights. We will get the chance to listen to the story tomorrow. Have a watch of the video below:



What did you think of todays AA?

Now it’s time to make your house. Make sure you give it six windows ready for maths this week.

We look forward to seeing them.

Claire, Ellie, Vic and Karly.


Friday afternoon- Letter Mosaic

Hi 4H,

Have a look at the video below to see what we are doing in art today…

Here are some step by step pictures to help you complete your fabulous letter mosaic…

  Grab your mosaic materials…

You will also need a plain piece of paper

Next, draw the first letter of your first name (you might need a grown up to help you. Mine is a V for Vic…

You can either cut or rip your mosaic materials into small squares. If you are using scissors, please be very careful, you could ask an adult to help you.

Carefully put some glue onto you mosaic materials and stick them down onto your letter. Keep sticking pieces down until all your letter is covered, make sure there are no empty spaces…



Your mosaic should now be finished, they should look similar to the ones above.

Well done everybody!! 

We can’t wait to see your marvellous mosaics!

Don’t forget to post them on to the blog or send a picture of them to Class Dojo 🙂 

Weight learning


L.O-Compare the weight of two objects and indicate which is heavier/lighter

This week in our weight lesson we revisited HEAVY and LIGHT.

We sorted objects into heavy and light and went on a hunt for objects that were heavier and lighter.


Can you sort these objects into HEAVY and LIGHT?You could draw them or write the words on your heavy and light symbols.




Can you find something lighter than…..

A shoe

A bag of flour


Can you find something heavier than…….

A pen

A sock


We have found a simple playdough recipe for you to try at home. Why not have a go at making some. You can compare the ingredients and work out which ones are heavy and which ones are light.

Enjoy! We look forward to seeing your creations and your learning on Class Dojo.

Class 4H Team





Thursday Pm- Syllables

L.O- Begin to clap the syllables of words presented to them

This afternoons zoom lesson was all about syllables. When you take a word apart it is called a syllable. Have a look at the video below and see if you can clap the syllables like they do in the song.

Here are some challenges for you-


Can you have a go at reading the word?

How many syllables are in the word?

Can you find the same item of clothing in your house and match the object to the picture?

Now you could read a book and clap out  the syllables in some of the words you read.


Have a go and don’t forget to post your answers onto the blog or on Class Dojo so we can have a look 

Class 4H Team 🙂 




You choose- What clothes would you choose to wear?

Today is our final day on our book, You Choose.

Todays page is all about types of clothes that you could wear… 

If you could pick different styles of clothes to wear, what would you choose?

You could dress like a princess in a pretty gown

Dress like a king in long robes

Have multi-coloured clothes

Or, wear a super hero costume instead of your pyjamas


Here is a song all about dressing up to help you choose…

Activity time!

Now it’s time for you to design your own clothes, use the resources in your pack to help you.

Grab your colouring pencils and felt tips and design your very own outfit, it can look however you would like.

Cut them out and stick them onto your dressing up doll…

Then add this to your own You Choose book behind your magic door.

We can’t wait to see all your exciting outfits, don’t forget to post them on here or on to Class Dojo 🙂