Lets get Physical!

4B have had an amazing day participating in all of the different Sports relief activities 🙂

We started our morning doing sensory circuits and competing in 3 legged races, we ran 5 laps of the track and even managed to find some time to dance! What a day, we loved being active in all different ways 🙂

Thanks for your continuous support 🙂

What a Wonderful World Book Day

Class 4B have had an amazing World Book Day!

We loved seeing all of our friends favourite characters 🙂

We read books and made our own Supertatos which we took outside to bring our character to life.

We finished the day with an assembly and an amazing party, where we managed to convince the evil pea to start reading!

Everyone said they enjoyed reading, sometimes on their own and sometimes with their grownups at home 🙂



We sMASHed it 😉

What is your favourite book? 

Keeping ourselves extra safe on the internet

4B’s top tips to keeping safe on the internet:


  1. Don’t talk to people online.
  2. Make sure your parents and carers know what your playing or watching.
  3. Don’t play on fighting games.
  4. Don’t play on games which are rated older than your age.
  5. Tell an adult if you are scared or sad.

Class 4B entered their own favourite things to do on the internet onto our digital footprint.


What super internet safety day learning!

Wild and Free.

Wild and Free 25 things to do outdoors.

This week on our educational visit we enjoyed feeling the wind in our faces whilst taking safe risks outside. Look  at our fantastic balancing. We helped each other and took turns on the equipment.

“It was really fun”

“It was the best”

“It was freezing”

All Aboard!!!

We had special visitors in class today, Captain Smith and the ship’s chef, Miss Liberty!

We were given tickets to board the Titanic, we were apprehensive if we were going to receive a first class of third class ticket! 

We learned about the differences in the class system on-board the Titanic.

In third class we dined on bread and marmalade then sailor biscuits.





In first class we dined on cucumber sandwiches and chocolate eclairs!


 We thought our learning was…….

“I felt angry because I was in third class.”

“I liked the dancing better in third class because it was fun.”

“I felt worried and nervous waiting for my ticket.”

“I like ball chocolate.(profiteroles)”



Super learning 4B!!!


Did you know??

In class this week we have learned the most amazing fact as part of our Titanic theme!!

We have found out that the captain of the rescue ship, Carpathia, went to Bolton School!!

   He was a hero to all the passengers on-board The Titanic, here is a picture of him at Bolton School(third from the left)