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We hope you have all had an amazing half term enjoying the sunshine ☀

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This term out topic is: Read All About It!



We cant wait to see photographs and videos of your amazing learning! 

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We hope you are enjoying your home learning and some of the activities we have shared on our blog.

We love to see and share your amazing home learning.

Celebrating our learning as a class is very special! 

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Thanks for the memories😃

Hi Class 4B.

We have made a video to celebrate the end of the year.

Watch the video and let us know what you think 🙂


After making so many amazing memories in 4B, it is now time to spread your wings and happiness with your new teams and friends. 




We hope you have an amazing summer! 

Take care and see you soon🌈☀️

Transition Time

Hi Class 4B,

We have sent you all your transition booklets by email to let you know which class you will be in and who your new friends and teachers are in September. It looks a little like this…


How do you feel? What do you think?

Sometimes it can feel a little bit strange to think of moving to a different class but Mary, Natalie & Caitlin think you have been amazing this year and are very proud of you too so we know you will shine.

You have grown up so much and are ready to spread your wings. Here’s a little caterpillar to help you! 🙂

It really is an exciting time and there are lots of adventures and exciting learning to look forward to in your new class.

Just like the caterpillar, who was worried about changes, you will realise it will be just as much fun when you move on. 


What are you looking forward to in your new class?

Maybe you could write about it or draw a picture?


Who are your new friends in class?

We know you are all going to superstars!!

But before you move on we would like you to think about what you have enjoyed in Class 4B and next week we’ll be sharing some of our favourite moments of the year.

If you have any questions or worries about your new class please get in touch with us and we can help you

Hello 4B

HELLO  Class 4B,

It was so lovely to see some of your smiley faces today. 

Don’t worry  if we missed you. Hopefully you enjoyed your cake.


I thought my cake was ?

Caitlin, Mary and Natalie are so proud of you all, you’ve been amazing in class 4B.

Keep a look out for an email arriving tomorrow with information about your new September classes.




Healthy and unhealthy food🥗

Hello 4B! 

Following on from this weeks Weight and Mass learning with our healthy foods, here is some activities you can try at home around healthy and unhealthy food. There are lots of different activities, you can try some or all of them if you’d like:) 

First watch this video about a giants balanced diet! 

Can you sort the foods into the correct groups? 


On PurpleMash: 

You could use your super computing skills to take a photo of yourself and put it into one of the mash cams:

I chose to turn myself into a green grocer! 

You can do a paint project and create a healthy plate.

Or you can do some amazing writing and plan a meal!

Click on the PurpleMash Logo to take you to the healthy eating page:) 

You can also create your own healthy lunchbox here: 


Don’t forget that Education City is a fantastic learning tool to use at home! Here is a couple of the learning games you might like to try: 

Weight and Mass ⚖️

Good morning 4B!

This week our Maths learning is all about weight and mass.

We measure weight using a scale, for todays learning we will need a balance scale.


Don’t worry if you haven’t got one at home, we are going to make one together using things that we can find in our houses!

Here are some ideas of how to make a balance scale: 


Now that we have got our very own balance scale we can start exploring!

For our learning today we are going to be weighing all sorts of healthy foods from the kitchen. 

Can you think of any healthy foods you could weigh? 



Watch the video to see which foods I have chosen 🙂 


Now watch the videos to see what our learning tasks are, the tasks will get more challenging as we go! 


This first video looks at finding which object is heavy or light using the balance scale, comparing two objects. 


Now it is your turn to use your healthy food at home!

  • Put something in each basket:
    • Can you show your grownup which one is light? 
    • Can you show your grownup which one is heavy? 


For this video we are going to find out how many light objects weigh the same as a heavy object. 


  • Choose a heavy food, and a light food: 
    • Now it is your turn to count how many light objects it will take to be the same as one heavy one.


The next video is all about estimating! How many light fruit/veg will it take to weigh the same as a heavy one? 


It is now time to do your own estimating!

  • Remember: estimating is just guessing, it doesn’t matter if it is right or not right, it is about giving it a go.
  • First we need to make our estimation.
  • Then we need to check our answer to see how close we were. 


Our final learning challenge is to compare the weight of 3 objects and say which one is lighter than and heavier than.

Now you can weigh your own fruit and vegetables at home! 

  • Can you put them in the order from heaviest to lightest? 


Here is a communication board to help you with your learning 🙂 



Now that you have done some hands on learning, you might like to do these challenge cards. 


Let us know what you think about todays Maths learning! You can leave a comment on the post or send us an email with pictures of your amazing learning!


Capacity Activities🥛

Hello 4B! 

We hope you have enjoyed your capacity learning with Victoria this week! 


Capacity learning can be a really fun learning activity to do outside in the sunshine ☀️.

Here are some more activities that you can do to practice your capacity learning: 

You could fill a tray with water (maybe change the colour using food colouring), sand or colourful rice. 



Here are some ideas of activities you could do in your tray: 

  • Pouring water from one container to the other. 
  • Can you make different containers empty, full and half full?
  • Measuring how many small containers it takes to fill a large container.
  • If you have a measuring jug you might be able to measure how much a container can hold in litres/ millilitres. 


Here are some communication boards to help you with your learning: 


BBC Bitesize have some super capacity learning ideas, click the image to take you to the page. 


Here are also some fun capacity learning games from Education city: 

We hope you loved your learning! Let us know what you think in the comments section. It is always important that we pupil voice our learning 🙂 



Good Morning Class 4B!

My name is Victoria (you might have seen me in school)

I teach class 5P and our classroom is on the top floor.

Today, I’d like to learn with you all about Capacity!

Capacity is the amount that something can contain.


To begin our learning can you say/sign/point to these key words:

Two more important words are:

Litre sometimes written as ltr

Milliliter sometimes written as ml

Litre and milliliter are units of measure used in capacity.

True or False!

Is the statement below true or false of the picture?

  1. My glass is FULL.
  2. My glass is EMPTY.
  3. I measure capacity in grams.
  4. I can measure my slipper in milliliters.
  5. When using my measuring jug I should tip it to the side.


Answers: 1. True / 2. False / 3. False / 4. False / 5. False

Learning at Home

To continue your capacity learning at home you can:

Download these free Twinkl capacity learning sheets:

  • Capacity Challenge Cards:

  • Capacity Challenge Cards:




  • Can you find a measuring jug at home?
  • Can you fill it with various amounts of water and read the measurement?
  • Can you compare different glasses of water and state which are full or empty?
  • Can you read how many litres are in your bottles of juice at home?
  • Can you add milliliters and litres?

I can’t wait to hear about your learning at home!

It has been lovely to be part of your blog.


Victoria Palmer 🙂

Happy Habitats

Hi Class 4B, we hope you enjoyed learning about habitats. Which animal did you choose as your favourite?

Here is a super app you can explore to find out where animals live. Ask your parents/carers to help you learn using this app and remember your internet safety too.


I really enjoyed learning lots of different animals names too and if they lived in a hot or cold continent. Here’s how to use the app.


Now you are super scientists, test your knowledge using

this Education City activity, identifying different habitats.

Please send any pictures of your learning to

Animals Around the World

                                    Hi Class 4B,

We hope you enjoyed Natalie’s blog about space and Caitlin’s blog about our world and the continents names, I have learnt so many new things!!

Today as part of our science learning we are going to look at living things around the world and their habitats.


What is a habitat?

As humans our habitat is where we live and in our homes we have what we need to grow and be safe. Animals need different things in their habitat to survive. Let’s learn more about habitats by watching these videos on BBC Bitesize.



This is why we have so many types of animals that live in in all the continents we have learned about. Which continent do you think these animals live in? All of these animals are really clever and can change to suit their home.

Shall we try a quiz about habitats? Click here



Which is your favourite animal? Can you see where in the world it lives? Which continent is it? Why does it live there?

I’m going to choose a penguin and find out more about them.     


Can you see which continent they live in?  

Yes, you’re right it’s the Antarctica. It’s far south on the globe and is mainly covered in ice.

Maybe you could choose your favourite animal and write a factfile about it and send it to us? It might be an underwater animal or live in a hot country, you can choose.


Or choose this activity to write about your animal on Purple Mash, you can click on the + button to add your favourite animal then tell us which continent it lives in.       

I know some of our children in 4B love fish so maybe you could design your own here….

You could also make your animal out of recycled materials from your house. I think I will make these from a water bottle and kitchen roll tube.


We look forward to seeing all your learning when you send it to us at