Sports Relief Day

Today in 3K, we have loved taking part in all activities for Sports Relief.

The children loved completing the Sensory circuit this morning in the hall and put on their running shoes to complete five laps around the track. Well done 3K!

Today the children have also enjoyed our PHSE lesson all about taking risks. We talked in group about why we should and should not take risks and enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Koala who Could’. We all then loved taking risks by playing the game Pie Face. All the children loved getting splatted by the cream and found it very funny!

On Wednesday the children did a fantastic job in our class assembly all about ‘Belonging’. 

We are very proud of the children for playing their parts and singing so well. Super work 3K!


3K have been super scientists today! We have been using a variety of materials to create our own boats. We had some great designs and they all took part with sticking, taping, cutting and creating. The children then used straws to blow their boats across the water and we also used a fan to conduct a fair test as we timed each boat. The children then recorded their times onto our recording sheet and we lined up in that order. They all shook hands at the end to say “Great race!”.

All aboard the Titanic!

In History, 3K have been learning all about the rich and poor passenger’s experiences on board the Titanic. Each child was given a first class or third class ticket before entering the Titanic (classroom).

   Whilst on board, the third class passengers were served marmalade sandwiches, sailor biscuits and water. The first class passengers were served tea (orange juice), cucumber sandwiches and chocolate eclairs. The first class passengers also made use of the on board gym and squash equipment whilst the third class passengers made do with skipping ropes and hoops. All children then switched roles before answering tricky questions and sorting pictures and objects as part of their learning. It was great fun!

We also reenacted the sinking of the Titanic with pupils getting into their lifeboats (yellow mats) and putting on their life jackets.

Extreme reading at the Trafford Centre

Last week 3K visited the Trafford Centre to search for aspects linked to the Titanic. The children were very excited when spotting features of the ship including the grand staircase and the ‘on board swimming pool’. They each threw a coin into the water before making a wish. 

Whilst on our educational visit, the children read some of their chosen books from class and we took lots of photos of their extreme reading!

Sinking Science!

Leading on from our learning about the sinking of the Titanic, 3K became scientists whilst working on our materials topic. Yesterday, we investigated a range of materials to see if they would sink or float. We then recorded our results and came up with a conclusion. It was great fun! 🙂 


A Super Week!

3K have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Christmas performance this week and we hope you enjoyed watching it. We are truly superheroes!

We have been doing lots of arts and crafts, preparing for our Christmas celebrations next week when the big man in red will visit our children.

In our Maths lesson, we have been learning about length and in English we have done lots of writing and reading, working on our individual targets.

As our topic is about the Victorians, today in PE we played lots of team games just like children did in those times. These included skittles, football, egg and spoon and tug of war. It was great fun!

Our Victorian Adventure

Last week 3K had an amazing day out visiting Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry to learn about Victorian cotton mills and learn about how the children used to work at such young ages. 

We also loved visiting the Victorian Street at Lark Hill Place. We all dressed up in Victorian clothing and explored the various shops and houses on the street. It was a brilliant day! 🙂