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Our new topic overview

Here is our current topic overview grid for this half term. We will be exploring each aspect of this by posting, videos, pictures and fun learning activities which you could join in with at home. We really love to see what you have been doing at home whilst staying safe, so please feel free to send your videos and photos to our new class email address: 🙂 

Oak academy online SEND lessons

Oak National Academy


Below you will find the link for the Oak National Academy online SEND lessons. These lessons have been
created by special school teachers across the nation and will consist of short videos of 10-20 minutes in length.

The lessons are being differentiated in 3 ways:

Early Development – Engagement Level
Building Understanding – Pre Key Stage Standards 1 & 2 
Applying Learning – Pre Key Stage Standards 3 & 4

I will happily tell you which level is most suitable for your child to access during our teacher-parent phone calls.

Once you are on the website, simply click classroom, specialist, the subject you wish to explore, scroll down to your child’s differentiated level and then the lesson you wish to watch. 

If you feel that some of the lessons aren’t challenging enough then feel free to navigate and explore the other year group lessons on the website. 

If you need any further support with this, please don’t hesitate to ask me on the phone or contact me via 🙂

Geography with Sean and Nikki!

Hello 3K! Today we are going to learn all about the continents and oceans of the world. First, let’s watch this video of Nikki signing to the continents song:


How many continents does the Earth have?

How many oceans does the Earth have?


Click on the Earth below and see if you can find the continents and the oceans. Maybe you could even find your house or school!

Enjoy exploring the world!


For more activities, videos and games click on the links and pictures below:





Food Technology with Niki!

Hello 3K! Today we are going to learn about where food comes from and explore healthy and unhealthy foods. We are even going to make a fruit salad. 🙂

Can you work on your pencil control? Perhaps you could write your own set of instructions for making a fruit salad!

Check out these videos:

Or click here for online games and activities:


What did you think of this learning?

3K Zoom invite

You can choose whether you’d prefer to use a laptop, computer, iPad/tablet or mobile phone. Tablets, iPads and phones all set up the same. Any device which has a camera will work. 

Here is how to set up zoom on a computer/ laptop: 


Here is how to access zoom using a mobile phone: 

If you are struggling this video can be very helpful:

If you have any questions please email them to our class email at: 


We cant wait to see you all, safe at home on Monday. 

Stay safe,

Sean, Carol, Kay & Niki

Science – Senses with Carol

Hello 3K! Today we are going to look at body parts and senses with Carol:

Play the senses game at home! All you need is something to cover your eyes. Can you guess what things you can smell, taste, touch and hear before looking to see if you are correct?


Can you label the parts of the body which are linked to the five senses?

It is time to explore! Can you find things around your house linked to the five senses?

Can you label the body parts? If you know even more, write them on! I wonder if you can find his shin?  🙂

Make your own face

Check out these online interactive learning games and videos:

Remember, you can send your pictures and videos to




Maths – Shape hunt with Kay!

Hello 3K! Watch this video and see if you can find the 2D and 3D shapes with Kay.

See if you can find any 2D or 3D shapes around your house!

Why not try some shape colouring:

Can you name the animals? Try cutting and making them using the shapes 

Can you find all of the properties?

For more shape activities visit 

or visit and type in shape activites for amazing ideas like these:

For videos and interactive online games visit:

Remember to send your pictures and videos to 🙂