Lets do some planting!

As part of our science learning this term we are looking at plants and how they grow!

Lets plant a seed!

You will need:












1.  First, put some soil into a  plant pot/plastic cup or anything else you can find around the house. 


2. Next, make a small hole in the middle of the soil using your finger!


3. Open your seeds and put a seed in the hole.

4. Cover the hole with some more soil and gently pat down.

5. Pour a little bit of water onto the soil and place your plant pot in a sunny place.



6. Over the next few days, continue to water your plant and wait until it starts to grow into a flower! This make take a few weeks!


Things a seed needs to grow:


Here are a few challenge questions/tasks!

  • How do plants drink water?
  • What would happen if you put a plant in the dark?
  • Can you draw/paint a picture of a plant? 
  • Can you label a plant/flower picture?
  • Can you go on a nature walk and spot how many plants and flowers you can see? What colour are they? How many kinds can you see?


We would love to see any pictures of any planting fun you get up to at home! Please email any pictures, learning or questions to our class email.




Have fun and stay safe! Class 3J, Melissa, Helen, Jenny and Beth.