Happy Summer 3J!

Hello 3J!

It was so wonderful to see so many of you today to deliver your summer packs, it put such a smile on our faces, and hopefully yours too!

We have had such an amazing year with you all filled with fun, learning and laughter, here are some memories to look back on!


We are going to really miss you, have an amazing summer and stay safe!

Class 3J Team

Jenny, Helen, Melissa & Beth




Moving on- transition.

Hello 3J,

We hope you are all well. This week we are thinking about moving on to our new classes. You should have now received your transition booklet by e-mail. It looks like this:

Your new teacher will also be phoning this week to say, “hello” and talk about ‘who’ is in your class next year.

You can look at the photos and learn the names of the new adults in your class.

We have enjoyed teaching you all this year and helping you learn. Why not use this sheet to talk, draw or write about you time in 3J?

We have lots of great memories and we hope you all do as well.

Take care,

Helen, Jenny, Mel and Beth

The Little Red Hen

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our class story time today. I was lovely to see so many of you!

We shared the story of the Little Red Hen and as promised here is the story for those who would like to read it again and for those of you who couldn’t join us.

In this story the Little Red Hen asks her friends for help but they keep saying “no”.

What do you think makes a good friend?

Here are some things which are good choices to help you to be a good friend.

We have been talking at my house about being a good friend and Beth decided a good way to help her remember how to be a good friend was to make a friendship flower. She chose 6 things she thought were most important to be a good friend.

Our printer at home is broken so rather than print off the symbols for being a good friend I made this on the computer.

Perhaps you could make a picture showing what makes a good friend.

There are lots of ways to be a good friend and we practise being good friends a lot at school.

Being Helpful

Being helpful is an important part of being a good friend – at school we help each other all the time. Some ways we are helpful include …

Hanging up our coats in the morning.

Taking the register to the office.

Giving out the cups at tuck time.

These are just some of the helpful things we do.

You can be helpful at home too. Here are some ideas …

You could tidy up your toys

You could make your bed

You could help to make dinner or a cake or wipe the table after dinner.

Lucy thought a lovely way to show these ways to be helpful was to make some helpful hands

How have you been helpful at home? You could make a picture showing ways to be helpful.

Please remember to send pictures to chestnut@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk as we love to see what you have been doing.

Remember to be a good friend and be helpful!

Take care

Class 3J


Sensory learning

Hello 3J,

In class we love to learn through sensory activities. Below are some ideas that you could try at home:

In this activity you could use something like pasta or rice and hide letters or objects beginning with certain letters. For example; p and m. The aim is to match the letter or object to the correct letter.

Lots of the children in class like to play, ‘What’s in the box?’, in this example there is some shredded paper (the children love to rip the paper up- if you wanted some help). The idea is that you can hide different objects. Discuss each object; What is it? What is it for? What colour is it? What letter does it begin with? Can they spell the word?

This is a great sensory game for sorting objects by colour. In the tub is dried rice with objects of different colours. The game is to match the objects to the correct colours.


We hope you try some of the ideas, the children enjoy sensory learning in class. We would love to see some photos of your learning at home.


Class 3J


Nature Viewers

Today we are going to explore an activity to look more closely at plants and nature in our local area. As part of our Science curriculum we look at different types of plants and identify their features as well as similarities and differences. In Art we explore colour and texture and love creating pictures using natural materials. In Geography we encourage our children to look closely at their local area and identify natural features (physical geography) an man-made features (human geography). This activity covers all of these areas combined with a walk to help us move more.

We started by finding some cardboard from our recycling pile before choosing some shapes to draw and cut out. We chose a flower and a butterfly. There are lots of other ideas including a leaf, a heart, a ladybird, a bird or a simple rectangle to make a frame to name just a few. Here are our nature viewers.


We were ready to go on a walk to look more closely at nature in our local area and create some lovely images. We looked through our viewers to see what we could find in the grass, verges and hedgerows.

We looked carefully at the different things we could see and found lots of different leaves and flowers. We could name some of these including daisies and buttercups.

We found big spiky leaves next to smaller smooth leaves …

We found leaves of different colours on the same plant. We think the red leaves were the new leaves and the green leaves were the old leaves because the red leaves were much smaller.

We found lots of green leaves but also found some very dark purple coloured leaves.

It was amazing to look closely at the different textures and colours to create our images. We almost managed to find a rainbow of colours.

While we were looking at the leaves and flowers we were also lucky enough to find some animals. What can you see hiding in these pictures?

We were very quiet when we found the animals and watched them for a while.

On our way home the sun came out and look what we could make …

… shadows of our nature viewers!

Why don’t you make a nature viewer and go on a walk to investigate what you can find in your local area? We  would love to see what nature you find in your local area so please remember to email your images to chestnut@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk.

Have fun!

3J team



Good morning Class 3J,

In class we practise phonics everyday and we love listening to the Jolly phonics song.

Below are the phase 2 and phase 3 sound mats which show the order to learn the letter sounds in.

Don’t forget to use Espresso and Education city, both have lots of great phonics activities. If you can’t remember the password for your child please send us an email to chestnut@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk 

Enjoy your phonics learning.

Class 3J


Keeping Fit

With the weather forecast showing rain for the next week

We thought it might be helpful to share some of our favourite activity songs which we use during our physical activity time in class.

We like to start with a warm up song


Next we like to take a walk in the jungle


We love to get our arms and legs moving in this next one


We also enjoy stretching up and bending down and moving faster and faster in this version of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.


Then we like to march with the ants – remember to get your knees up and your arms swinging.


Some children really enjoy dancing with the skeletons in this fun dance


These are just some of our favourites – there are lots more which can be found on you tube and some useful searches to start with include…

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Just Dance Kids – children have lots of favourites on here

PE with Joe

Andy’s Wild Workouts (Andy from CBeebies)


Enjoy keeping fit and don’t forget to send us some photos!

Stay safe

Class 3J Team

Money learning

Hello 3J!

Lets do some learning all about money!

Coin sorting:

Can you sort some coins and find the same?  



 I used some coins to make different amounts! Can you make 5p,10p,20p,50p, £1 using different coins?








I made a coin caterpillar using different coins! Can you make one too?



I made a shop to buy some lunch! Can you try too? You could ask whoever lives in your house to come to your shop and see what they can buy!


Lets do some coin sums! You could use some coins or counters to help you. 


What is 1 more than 20p?

What is 1 less than 2p?



Spider Diagram: 

I made a spider diagram with information about each coin. Name, size, colour, how many sides, shape.


I hope you have enjoy doing lots of fun learning all about money! Please feel free to send any of your learning to our class email:



Stay Safe! Class 3J Team
















Hello Class 3J , we hope you are all well and keeping safe. This term we are learning how to be geographers, to be a geographer, we could , explore our local area by having a walk with a grown up, we could collect some leaves ,twigs ,pine cones and sticks and make a journey stick. We can also think about all the different types of weather that we have been getting or can get and what items of clothing we could wear in the different weather. Why not plant your own seed , help it to grow and see what colour and shape the leaves are?

This week me and my children had a lovely walk round our local area.
We had a good explore and collected leaves and twigs.
We collected leaves with different colours, different sizes and shapes.

Grace made a journey stick by using glue and string to put the different leaves onto that she had found on our local walk.Why don’t you make a journey stick?

Grace wanted to paint the leaves to make a leaf print picture. She used lots of bright colours. Maybe you could have a go at this?
Wow! Grace could not believe the beautiful print the leaf made!
Graces leaf print picture.


Have a look at the weather board. Look out of a window, what is the weather like today where you live? You could think about what the weather was like yesterday and have a guess what the weather might be like tomorrow.
Have a look at this board.
Which clothes or  do you think you might wear in the rain?
Which clothes do you think you might wear in the cold or the snow?

If its a dry sunny day can you think what clothes you might wear? 

Look out of the window , do you need an umbrella today?

Grace planted her own seed.

Grace made a story board so she would know how to look after the seed.

Wow Grace your seed has really grown!

Can you have a go at planting a seed? Have a think of what might help the seed to grow……

Grace put the seed in sunlight and gave it water each day.

There are lots of ways to make lovely art with leaves and twigs…..

Leaf printing.

Leaf sticking
Leaf pressing          
Making journey sticks.                      I hope this has given you all good ideas of exploring your local area 3J . Don’t forget the weather songs on you tube that you could listen to at home.                  Have fun  from Beth , Melissa , Helen and Jenny .                              

Useful websites

Hi 3J,

Hope you are all well and staying safe.

Below are some websites that you might find useful:



#PE with Joe Wicks on you tube




If you can’t remember your log in and password for Purple Mash or Education City please contact us at chestnut@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk

We will be more than happy to help.

Happy learning.

Helen, Beth, Mel and Jenny