Happy Summer 3J!

Hello 3J!

It was so wonderful to see so many of you today to deliver your summer packs, it put such a smile on our faces, and hopefully yours too!

We have had such an amazing year with you all filled with fun, learning and laughter, here are some memories to look back on!


We are going to really miss you, have an amazing summer and stay safe!

Class 3J Team

Jenny, Helen, Melissa & Beth




Money learning

Hello 3J!

Lets do some learning all about money!

Coin sorting:

Can you sort some coins and find the same?  



 I used some coins to make different amounts! Can you make 5p,10p,20p,50p, £1 using different coins?








I made a coin caterpillar using different coins! Can you make one too?



I made a shop to buy some lunch! Can you try too? You could ask whoever lives in your house to come to your shop and see what they can buy!


Lets do some coin sums! You could use some coins or counters to help you. 


What is 1 more than 20p?

What is 1 less than 2p?



Spider Diagram: 

I made a spider diagram with information about each coin. Name, size, colour, how many sides, shape.


I hope you have enjoy doing lots of fun learning all about money! Please feel free to send any of your learning to our class email:



Stay Safe! Class 3J Team















Super learning and fun!

Here are some pictures of what Class 3J have been doing at home!

We love to see all of the brilliant things you have been doing at home and taking part in our blog activities!

They really make us smile! Keep them coming!







We miss you 3J! Stay Safe. Class 3J Team 



Lets do some planting!

As part of our science learning this term we are looking at plants and how they grow!

Lets plant a seed!

You will need:












1.  First, put some soil into a  plant pot/plastic cup or anything else you can find around the house. 


2. Next, make a small hole in the middle of the soil using your finger!


3. Open your seeds and put a seed in the hole.

4. Cover the hole with some more soil and gently pat down.

5. Pour a little bit of water onto the soil and place your plant pot in a sunny place.



6. Over the next few days, continue to water your plant and wait until it starts to grow into a flower! This make take a few weeks!


Things a seed needs to grow:


Here are a few challenge questions/tasks!

  • How do plants drink water?
  • What would happen if you put a plant in the dark?
  • Can you draw/paint a picture of a plant? 
  • Can you label a plant/flower picture?
  • Can you go on a nature walk and spot how many plants and flowers you can see? What colour are they? How many kinds can you see?


We would love to see any pictures of any planting fun you get up to at home! Please email any pictures, learning or questions to our class email.




Have fun and stay safe! Class 3J, Melissa, Helen, Jenny and Beth. 











Mindfulness with Melissa!

Hello 3J!

We hope you are all well and keeping safe at home.

In class we like to do lots of mindfulness to help keep us relaxed and calm. Here are a few of our favourites! Please feel free to join in with your families and let us know how you found it in the comments. Or even better send a picture or video to friendsofladywood@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk for us to see!


5 Finger Breathing


Rainbow Breathing 


Balloon Breathing


We hope you enjoyed the breathing exercies and are now feeling nice and relaxed!


The Adventures of Travelling Ted

As part of our topic this term we are learning all about Bolton and the area around us.

We have enlisted the help of our friend Travelling Ted to go home with each child and see what different things Ted might see or do.

We went on a hunt around school using a map to find Ted in different locations.


We can’t wait to see what amazing adventures Ted gets up to at home!





Pancake Day Fun!

Happy Pancake Day!

We have had lots of fun today taking part in various pancake day activities.


First we listened to the story ‘Pancake’s Pancake’s in class


Next we went into the hall to explore the different parts of the story to make ingredients for the pancakes.

We bashed the wheat to make grains for the flour


We grinded the grain with water to help make flour

 We found the chickens egg’s

We milked the cows

And we chopped the toppings for the pancakes

We had so much fun learning all about pancake day! Especially this afternoon when we tasted our yummy pancakes and toppings!







A long long time ago…..

This term in history we have been learning about past and present. Today we looked at The Tudors a long long time ago.

We made some homemade ‘Tudor Pottage’


We also made Tutor style gingerbread

We loved making the tudor style hats to wear at our Tudor party







Alice in Wonderland

This term are learning all about Alice in Wonderland and have made a brilliant start to our topic.


We made rabbit biscuits whilst thinking about where we thought the rabbit goes when he falls down the hole.

We thought the rabbit might go to…. KFC, Mcdonalds, Space, Arctic, garden centre, or blackpool!

We have also been learning about materials that are waterproof, and we especially enjoyed looking at a waterproof umbrella.