Make a Rainbow

Good morning 3J!

Have you seen all the rainbows as you are walking near your house? There are lots near my house. Some people have painted and drawn them and put them in their windows, some people have used chalk and drawn them on the road and other people have made huge flags and put them outside their house.

Today I thought we could carry out a simple experiment to create a rainbow.

We often start our sessions in school with a song so I have found this one you might like …



Now for our rainbow …

You will need


Warm Water 



Watch this video to find out what to do


After a few more minutes look at the final result.

We hope you enjoyed watching our experiment. Why don’t you give it a go?

We would love to see photos of your experiment or any other ways which you have created a rainbow.

Bye for now

Jenny, Helen, Beth and Mel

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