Happy Halloween

This week has been a fun and spooky week filled with lots of Halloween linked learning and activities.
We had a fantastic time in the forest making witch wands and using them to make a special potion. We collected lots of leaves and sticks to add to our cauldron then the children said “abracadabra” and watched as the potion bubbled to the top. Amazing potion making 3C!

We enjoyed a spooky story together and the children explored the story independently.

We also used pumpkins, carrots and apples in our weight learning. The children enjoyed trying them on the scales and guessing which was heavy and which was light.

We also used the pumpkins to build!

We became witches and made spooky potions in the water tray, using different potion bottles and glitter.

We have had a fantastic week making everything spooky and hope all our families have a lovely half term. 

Take care and stay safe!


Money Tuck Shop

This week the children have enjoyed our money tuck. Exchanging coins for their chosen tuck item, looking for a certain coin, and sorting coins into groups. They were amazing and did some fantastic learning.

Afterwards some of the children set up their own shops and invited their friends to be the customers. 

Super learning 3C.

World Mental Health Day

Today we have been thinking about what makes us happy and exploring all things yellow. The children have had a fantastic day trying bananas and custard, making Mr Happy pictures, catching the yellow balloon and dancing along to the music.

We sent a smile to our families and friends by making happy cards.


Fun in the Forest

In 3C we like to start each week with Forest School. On Monday we had a fantastic session in the forest. The children are becoming very familiar with our forest school rules and routines and really enjoy learning in the forest. Each child chose a friends photo and made their friends face using natural materials they found in the forest.
We ended our session with a game of hide and seek and found some great places to hide.

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