It’s Wednesday


Hello everyone this Wednesday morning, we hope you are well?


We are continuing to think about the number 4 today, have you been practicing making sets of 4 at home? This morning we are practicing taking away within 4 in the song 4 current buns. You will need your wipe board and pen for the zoom.

After the zoom continue practicing taking away from a set and counting how many now. You could sing the current bun song again and even make some buns with playdough to practice taking away as you sing. Practice reading and writing – and = symbols and also correct letter formation. Karen helps us remember our number formation in the video below and also explores ordering the numbers from 1-10:

As always you have your personalised Maths books to do if you need some extra challenge, and also your Education City activities which are set to your individual levels.



It is Science this afternoon and we are going to plant some seeds. You should have all received a pack in the post with everything you need, Karen will show you what to do then you can plant yours at home:

Make sure you put your seeds somewhere sunny and give them a drink of water to help them grow. Take a picture of the seeds so that you can compare them next week to see if much has happened.

After this click on the picture below to take you to Simple City, you will need your Purple Mash log on to explore. This afternoon we want you to enter the garden centre in the middle of the city and experiment planting and growing seeds in your simple city garden. Have fun exploring.

Sarah, Karen and Natalie.

Tuesday 19th

Good morning on a Tuesday,


This week we are moving onto the letters and sounds i n m d, join our 10am zoom to revisit some of these letters and begin thinking about how to write these with the correct letter shapes and start listening for these sounds in familiar words.

After the zoom we would like you to:

  • keep practicing writing the letters i n m d, as well as the letters from last week- you can do this with a range of resources such as writing in flour on the table or with chalks on the pavement outside
  • share a story with your grown up on Oxford Owl and identify the letters i n m d in your chosen story
  • practice blending these sounds for reading in the buried treasure game below:

Next log onto Education City and do some of your English activities.



We are going up the beanstalk again this afternoon with Sarah in DT, comparing different materials when building and how we can use them in the best way to make our beanstalks strong and tall:

Have a go at building beanstalks with different materials from around your house, comparing which make the tallest and strongest beanstalks. You can use building materials such as Lego and wooden blocks, however other resources from your house work just as well as Natalie and Karen found out:

Who’s beanstalk is tallest? Do you think you can beat the teachers? Send us your pictures and see if you can balance a mini Jack on top. Have fun being giants and knocking down your beanstalks at the end.

Have a great afternoon,

Sarah, Karen and Natalie.

Monday good morning

Happy Monday everyone,


We hope you had a wonderful weekend learning and playing together. This morning in our 10am zoom Natalie and Karen will be introducing our new number for the week- number 4

After our zoom we want you to practice making sets of 4 objects- spoons, pens, socks and pebbles are all good ideas, what else could you use? Practice writing the number 4 also. Have a go at the worksheet all about number 4 shared on Class Dojo.


Challenge: can you + 1 to your sets? How many do you have now?

Challenge: can you find all the different ways of adding to make 4? How many different ways can you find? Practice writing and reading the + and = symbols while you work.

Do one of the Maths activities on Education City.



This afternoon we are going to re-read the Jack and the Beanstalk story together before doing some writing about the Giant:

After sharing the story together we would like you to draw, build or make a giant like on from the story before writing CVC words to describe the giant. Below are some words you might use, practice reading these with your grown up and writing them on or next to your work.

Challenge: use these words in a sentence on your work, for example

The giant is …..

The giant has….


Here are some ideas below to help:


Share your giants with us and let us know if you need any help. Have a lovely afternoon,

Sarah, Karen and Natalie

Star of the Week!

Wow, what a busy week we have had with our remote learning. We are so pleased with how well the children have adapted to learning via zoom and at home. Well done to both children and parents. 

To continue with some routine from school we will be posting our zoom star of the week every Friday and sharing photos of the children and their learning. If you take any photos and would like to share them please send them via messages in Dojo. It really is lovely seeing what the children have been doing.

This weeks ZOOM Star is……….


Well done Jaxson!

All the children have been doing super learning as you can see in the photos below. We have been doing worksheets from our learning packs and practising on whiteboards alongside our siblings. Super job everyone!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! we will see you again on Monday!

Take care,

Natalie, Karen and Sarah.

Hello Friday

Good morning 3c,


Fridays are about well-being and what makes us feel happy. This morning in our zoom we want you to share something with the class that has made you happy this week. It might be a toy you have enjoyed playing with, a piece of work you are proud of or something interesting you have found while out on a local walk.  We are looking forward to sharing these with the class and practicing our speaking and listening skills.

Linking in with this, we want you to all keep a diary this half term. Each Friday morning we want you to log onto Purple Mash (individual log on information is in your home learning pack) and draw a picture of something you have done these week. The video below shows you how to log onto purple mash and where to save your diary pictures. Over the next five weeks you will build up a diary of the lovely things you have done whilst learning from home. Try to add some words to your pictures, practicing your phonics letters and sounds. Sarah, Karen and Natalie will log onto Purple Mash to see the work you have saved. If you need help or unsure please ask us.


In school we have Golden Time on a Friday afternoon, whilst learning at home we want to use this time to do something that makes you happy. Some ideas might be:

  • colouring- mindfulness colouring pages will be shared on Dojo
  • baking, try this cookie recipe: 
  • build something with Lego, why not have a go at this week’s building challenge?
  • Do some relaxation, you could blow the bubbles in your home learning pack and practice doing rainbow breaths: 
  • Do some dancing to your favourite music

Whatever you do have a wonderful afternoon and have a brilliant weekend. We look forward to seeing you all again at 10am on Monday morning for our daily zoom.

Sarah, Karen and Natalie.

Good morning on a Thursday

Good morning 3C,


In our zoom this morning we will continue revising the s a t p sounds we started looking at earlier in the week. Many of us can recognise these letters but can find blending the sounds together to read tricky, and so this is what we will be doing during our zoom.

After our zoom practice reading and writing words using these sounds:

  • at
  • sat
  • pat
  • tap
  • sap

A grown up could write these as flashcards for you to practice reading, and you can practice writing these words yourself- thinking about the sounds you can hear as you write them down. Keep practicing writing the correct letter shapes and use the video below to help you with the letter formation:

Have a look on phonics play for lots of fun games to practice your blending (reading) and segmenting (writing)- when selecting the level in each game we are working on phase 2 set 1 sounds this week, but check your child’s LLP for more information on which phonics sets they are working on individually in school.

Do a page from your English book in your home learning pack.



Exercise is so important, it keeps us fit and healthy and helps us feel better in our mood too. Every day in school we do 20minutes of physical, and this afternoon would like you to do some PE at home. There are lots of activities that we can do to keep active, even if we are at home- let’s climb up the beanstalk with Natalie (careful not to wake the giant!).

Other ideas on how to keep active are below, let us know what you choose:


Have a great afternoon and keep sharing your pictures with us,

Sarah, Karen and Natalie

Hello Wednesday

Good morning everyone on a rainy Wednesday,


Earlier in the week we were thinking about the number 3 and different ways we can use addition to make 3, how many ways did you find? Today we are thinking about subtracting within 3 and how we might write this down using the symbols – and =. Join us at 10am for our zoom to sing 3 green bottles.

After our zoom why not practice taking away one and counting how many now with this interactive bottle takeaway game, you can sing the song as you count. For those of you who want more challenge start with more bottles, you could even take away more than one bottle at a time, ask us on Dojo or check your LLP if you are unsure. Keep practicing writing the number sentence down, using – and = and with the correct number formation.

Next log onto Education City and try some of the Maths activities set by Sarah.


This afternoon we are doing some science and thinking about how plants grow, lets start by watching this video on Espresso:

Plants usually start growing in the Spring, but there are already signs of life in your garden as bulbs start to grow and buds begin to appear on trees. This morning I went in my garden to look for signs of plants growing; the bulbs I planted in winter are starting to appear and there are small buds appearing on our pear tree. I did really careful looking and took photos of what I saw:

This afternoon we want you to either go for a local walk or look in your garden for signs of plants starting to grow, do good looking and record your observations either by taking photos or drawing what you see. We are going to repeat this at the end of the topic to see if much has changed so keep your photos and drawings safe. Let us know what you find and enjoy investigating the plants around you. Do not be disheartened if you do not find much today- it is still winter and many plants are still dormant (sleeping), there will be much more happening in a few weeks when we repeat this. If you are unable to go for a walk or do not have much in your garden why not look for pictures of plants growing on the internet, ask your grown up to help.

Later this week you should receive a letter in the post with everything you need to plant some seeds along with some other resources. Put these somewhere safe as we are going to plant them together next week, when we will also have a think about what plants and seeds need to help them grow.

Have a fun afternoon and let us know how to you get on.

Sarah, Natalie and Karen.


Good morning 3C,


We hope you enjoyed the Jack and the Beanstalk story yesterday. This morning during our 10am zoom we are thinking about phonics and revisiting  the early letter sounds s a t p. Many of us recognise these letters but can find it challenging identifying these sounds in words (segmenting) and also when blending these together to help us read. We are also going to practice using correct letter formation to write these.

Following our zoom we want you to:

  • continue practicing writing the letters s a t p with the correct formation
  • share a story on Oxford Owl with your grown up and try to find the s a t p letters in the story
  • practice blending these sounds for reading in this Picnic on Pluto game (select phase 2 set 1 + i):

Log on to Education City and have a go at one of the English activities you have been set.



This afternoon we continue thinking about Jack and the Beanstalk and are going to begin by revisiting the story with Natalie:

In DT this term we are learning about how when we build something we can make it stronger- over the next few weeks will be building a beanstalk from different materials. Before you begin building you need to find yourself a little Jack to join you, here is a picture of Sarah’s mini Jack- you could use a small doll, teddy or Lego figure, whatever you have at home. Play the next video when you have found a little Jack figure to climb your beanstalk:

As always please send us pictures of your work, we would love to see if you manage to build a beanstalk taller than Sarah’s.


Have a great day,

Sarah, Natalie and Karen.

Good morning on a Monday

Good morning 3C,


We hope you had a wonderful weekend at home and are ready to start our new topic today. It was lovely seeing so many of you on our zoom lessons last week and hearing about your holidays.

This morning at 10am in our zoom lesson we will be learning all about the number 3- join us for our live session to explore this together.

Following on from this we want you to:

  • continue reading and writing number 3
  • practice making sets of 3 of objects from around your house
  • some of you will be ready to try adding 1 to your set and counting how many now
  • a few of you are ready to practice identifying different ways to make number 3 using addition, for example 1 + 2 = 3, try to find all the different ways you can to use adding to make 3 and write these on your wipe boards or on paper. Practice reading and writing + and = symbols when doing this

If you are unsure which level of challenge is right for you check your LLP (sent home in your home learning pack last week) or ask us on Dojo and we can help. Send us some pictures of your learning on Dojo, we love to see how you are getting on at home.

Do a page from your Maths booklet sent home in your packs last week.


This afternoon we begin thinking about our new topic ‘Friends Help us Grow’ and we want you to start by listening to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, there is a nice version of the story on Espresso- click on the picture below (the log on for this will be shared on Dojo):

After you have listened to the story we want you to draw something from the story, the video below shows you what to do and should help you with some ideas:

Drawing is great for working towards our targets such as making controlled marks and drawing recognisable pictures. Try to label your picture like Sarah did in the video. You could trace, copy or independently write letters and words depending on your level of understanding- check your LLP or ask us on Dojo if you are unsure.

Have a wonderful day of learning and share pictures of your work on Dojo,

Sarah, Natalie and Karen

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, this year may have been very different for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped us having lots of fun in Class 3C. 

The children have enjoyed our Christmas themed week with lots of fun activities, party games, Christmas party dinner and a virtual visit from Santa who also left us presents!!

The children have also worked super hard doing our Christmas video! We are so proud of them all! Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Merry Christmas Everyone! See you in January 2021!

Natalie, Sarah and Karen