Home Learning with Ladywood

Learning from Home and having Fun

Below you will find some fun videos, stories and activities for you to share with you family at home.

We would love to see photos of the things you are doing at home.

You can share them by sending them to:


Take care and stay safe

Story time

This weeks story is about the journey of a tiny seed.

This is how a seed starts to grow

First it sends out a little shoot from its seed pod


Then it grows some roots to drink water with

Next it begins to grow some leaves

Finally it starts to grow a stem with leaves


This week we are going to look at 2 phonemes that sound the same.

They have different graphemes c and k


Watch this video then practise writing the graphemes



MFL – French

I thought this week we would listen to some songs in french. 

At Ladywood learning about France and the french language is introduced in year 3, so this would be a lovely way to start on that learning journey.

Listen to the children saying the numbers first then try joining in with the song.


Colours in french


Magic Beans

A few people have asked what type of beans were in your packs. They are called Borlotto Lingua Di Fuocco (Firetongue)

I picked them because the bean pods looked beautiful.



Dough Disco

We hope you all enjoyed the Zoom Dough Disco

Dough Disco is really good for developing fine motor skills and hand strength.

Click the link below to download the powerpoint. Once you click on slide 4 it should play automatically through the slides with the music.

Dough Disco Powerpoint

Have fun at the disco.