Hurray for music!

We love music with Ian on a Tuesday morning! This week we listened and identified different musical instruments.

What did we think of music?

LR – “Important”

HA – “lovely”

AW – “beautiful”

OH – ” I like it”

BCC – “I like it”

JT – “Good”

AH – “Best”

OK – ” I like it”

GL – “boring”

Super learning!

We’re Back!


Class 3B have had a super first week back. We have done lots of super learning and rediscovering school.

We started off rediscovering our bodies in PE.

We went and did some super math learning in the forest!

We also did some amazing dough disco to get our fingers nice and warm!

What a super first week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

The 3B team

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