Resources for home learning.

Hello everyone!

Here are some recommended resources for home learning. All sites are currently free to use and are great to use in short bursts alongside the home learning packs and zoom learning. You can click on the image  below to take you to the directed site.




We will send each child’s Education City login through Class Dojo for your child to access.

Hopefully our zoom today answered most questions about the learning packs.

Please get in touch with the team via Class Dojo if you have any questions or if you would like any other specific learning ideas or activities.

The 3B team.


History- Queen Victoria Timeline.

Learning Objective:

To engage with creating a timeline from a given period. 

Create your very own Queen Victoria mash cam by clicking on the picture below and logging into purple mash.



Lets have a look at some key events from Queen Victorias life: 



Today in history we are going to learn to make a timeline.

Here is an example of a history timeline.


A timeline puts the important events that happened in the past in order from oldest to newest.



Can you put these symbols in the correct order? 

You can click on the images below to download the resources. 


Challenge: Can you write about significant events in Queen Victorias life? 

Use this link to do some research: 



Let us know what you thought of todays history learning and remember to send us your photographs 🙂


Number learning at home

Can you recognise your numbers?

Challenge yourself: 


               Can you order your numbers?         

              Can you count on further?


Click on the link and let’s count the pets together!



Can you count objects around your home?

Can you make sets using your objects?



Overwrite or copy your numbers at home. 

You can do this in different ways: pencil, pencil crayons, flour, rice or paint




What did you think about your number learning today?

Please send your number learning to our Class Dojo or email it to:



PE- Jumping

Learning Objective: To jump and land in different directions.


Hello 3B. 

This afternoon we will continue with our PE jumping. 



Watch the videoS below to practice your jumps with Caitlin. 





What did you think about todays PE? 


We would love to see pictures of your learning! Please send us any pictures through class dojo. 

PSHE- Keeping safe


Good Afternoon 3B. 

This afternoon we will be doing some PSHE. 


Learning Objective:

To recognise safe and unsafe in familiar situations. 

To know who to tell when I feel unsafe. 


Watch this video to learn about being safe with Caitlin.


A task to do at home: 

  1. Can you use your symbols from your home learning pack to find safe and unsafe around your house? 
  2. Can you sort the picture cards into safe and unsafe?


We would love to see your learning! Please remember to send us any pictures through class dojo. 

What did you think of todays learning? 

Science Shadows


Hello 3B.

Here is this mornings Science Session with Emily. Watch the videos and complete you’re home learning task through Dojo.




We hope you have enjoyed todays science. 

We would love to see photos of your learning! Please send any photos through class dojo. 

Happy learning 

Phonics learning at home

Good afternoon, 3B! 

Let’s sing, sign and dance along to our alphabet song.

Can you sing, sign or dance along?

Which letter sounds can you recognise in the song?


Which letter sounds can you spot?



Can you say the sound?

Can you draw the letter using your finger in the air? 

Now let’s have a go at writing our sounds. 




I have found objects to match the letter sounds.


Have a go at home and see what objects you can find.

Can you say the initial sound of the object?


We would love to see your learning from today’s activities!

Please send them in via Class Dojo or send to our class email: 




History- Queen Victoria

Learning Objective: To listen to and follow stories about people/events in the past.



Hello 3B. 

This afternoon in History we will be learning about a significant woman. 

Lets a look at her picture.



Who is she?




What job does she do? 




Where does she live? 




When was she important? 




Her name is Queen Victoria. 

Watch the video below to learn more about her 


Now that you have watched the video, can you answer these questions: 



When Queen Victoria became queen, children’s lives were very different… 

Children had to work. They did not go to school. 

A Chimney sweep
Mill workers











Follow this link to find out more about Queen Victoria and the changes she made: 




Can you make a fact file about Queen Victoria? 



What did you think about todays learning? 


We would love to see pictures of your learning at home. 

Please send any photos to us via class dojo or to our class email:

Reading – Alice in Wonderland



Hi everyone!

Today we will be reading Alice in Wonderland

You have a copy of the book in your home learning pack.

Can you follow along with Mike using your finger? 

I hope you enjoyed the story.

Here are some activities you can do after listening to the story:


  • Can you make comments on the story using the colourful semantics from your home learning pack? 



  • Can you find a named character in the story? 


  • Who is the main character in the story?


  • Can you find letters that you know in the book? Start with s, a, t, p


  • Can you find full stops and capital letters in the book? 


You can access other online stories from:


Have a lovely day

Class 3B

Let’s make some playdough!

Hello 3B.

Today we are going to make some playdough!


To make the playdough you will need:

  1. 8 tbsp flour
  2. 2 tbsp salt
  3. 60ml warm water
  4. 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  5. food colouring- any colour that you have at home. 

Watch the video below and follow along. 


The playdough can be used in our Dough Disco activity. You will find the communication board in your learning pack. We can use the playdough to warm up our hands and fingers ready for writing. 


What did you think of today’s learning?

We would love to see your learning. Please send it in to our Class Dojo or email: