Home Learning

We hope you are enjoying sharing the blog posts at home and trying some of the activities.  Please send us photographs of the activities and learning you are doing as we would love to share these with you.

Please send your photos to our class e.mail address:


Geography – Weather

The weather has changed alot this week. Can you tell me what the weather is like today?

As there has been alot of rain this week your challenge is to make a

rain gauge using the plastic bottle you have saved.


Here are a range of different weather related activities you could try at home. Including a wind gauge which I made using a plastic bottle, wooden stick and a paper arrow.



Amazing Home Learning!

Our friend Lemmy has been developing his life skills and independence doing lots of cooking with his parents.  He has been doing some great  exercise lifting his weights and riding his bike .

Lemmy has also completed some super plant learning with his mum and  enjoyed some time splashing in the pool .

Wow Lemmy what a great job you are doing, keep up the good work!

Geography – Weather

This week in geography we will be looking at different types of weather and learning how to make a weather chart and measure how much it rains each day. You will need an empty plastic bottle for our activity on Thursday.

Can you listen to our weather song and look outside to see what they weather is like today?


Maths- Shape

This half term in topic maths we are learning about different shapes, their names and their properties.

Why not try some of these shape activity with Jenna?

Learning Challenges:


Can you count the number of sides/ corners each shape has?

Can you make and draw these shapes using playdough, objects, crayons?



Oak Learning Academy- Shape learning

Oak Learning Academy can be accessed through the link/ icon on the home page of the school blog. It is a great resource with different lessons at 3 levels for pupils to access. 



  1. For the shape lessons press on the Oak Learning Academy link.
  2. Then choose Numeracy (Maths)
  3. Choose ‘Building understanding’ which is the middle level of difficulty.
  4. Click on the first lesson to try and practise some shape skills with your child as part of their home learning.Keep an eye on the blog on Friday for some more shape ideas for you to try at home.