Good afternoon 2S!

Today we are going to take another look at:



Danielle has been very busy in her kitchen.

Can you help her find the bowls that are full ?

Which bowl has the most rice?

Which bag has the least vegetables?

Now it is your turn.

Which basket is ?



Which jar is ?



Which glass has the water?

Which glass has the water?



Have a lovely afternoon exploring full and empty. Don’t forget to share your lovely learning with us on Class Dojo. 

Paula, Danielle and Cara


Superhero Craft Activities

Good afternoon 2S!

This afternoon, we are going to get creative and make a superhero mask!

In your pack you will find some card and glue. 


How to Make a Superhero Mask



Here is a mask template that you could copy or print off. 



Now you have a superhero mask, you just need a shield! 

How to Make a Superhero Shield


Have a go at decorating a superhero mask on purple mash.

Just follow the link: 


Don’t forget to share your lovely work with us via Class Dojo.


Take care,

Danielle, Cara and Paula



Exploring Plants


Hello 2S!

In Science, we are learning about plants!

This is a lovely opportunity to get wrapped up and go outside if you can.

When you are out getting your daily exercise, what plants can you see? 


Can you draw a plant?

You could take a picture of a plant whilst out on a walk then use this to help you draw your own.

What colours are you going to use?


Can you label your plant?

Here are some symbols to help.



Don’t forget to share your lovely learning with us via Class Dojo.

Danielle, Paula and Cara


Supertato… Super Writing!

Hello 2S! 

Evil Pea has been causing trouble again! 

We must find Evil Pea and put him back in the freezer where he belongs.


Can you draw Evil Pea?

What colours do you need to use? 


Can you overwrite the some of the letters?

Can you copy some of the words underneath?

Can you write your name? 



We can’t wait to see your fabulous writing! You can send it to us via Class Dojo.


Take care, Danielle, Paula and Cara


Autumn 2 Week 1

We have had a wonderful first week back at school. 

Our topic this half term is called Celebrate good Times and is all about different festivals that people from around the world celebrate at different times of the year. This week we have celebrated Halloween!

We have also had another very special celebration this week…

Ladywood has celebrated it’s 20th Birthday!!! Today we had a big party!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Cara, Danielle and Paula

Autumn 1 Week 6

We have had lots of fun in 2S this week.

Have a look at some of the amazing things we have done!

We enjoyed music with Ian and Danielle.

Mark making and super writing

Learning about shape and positioning

Our weekly celebration of the work we are proud of.

And….HELLO YELLOW!!!! This afternoon we celebrated with bananas and custard.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

Danielle, Cara and Paula