Summer Topic Overview

Hello everyone,

Below is the Topic Overview for our new topic

Imagination Station


We have got lots of exciting things planned and I cant wait to see photographs of your creations!

Tomorrow I will be introducing our new book

The day the crayons quit.

It’s a fantastic book that I am sure you will all enjoy 🙂

Laura, Jenna and Mike

Email address

Hello 2S

We have a brand new email address that is just for our class! That means we can send each other lots of photographs, messages and any questions you may have I can answer via email. I will still be calling weekly but this is just an added extra communication link.

Our email address is:

We are looking forward to receiving mail 🙂

Laura, Jenna and Mike

The end of a brilliant year!

Hello Toby, Lucas, Baylee, Katie, Kaylum, Azaan, Dodou and George

It was so wonderful to see your lovely faces yesterday! We hope you enjoyed your Ladywood superhero pack and your gift from us.

It is such a shame that our year has been cut short but we have lots of memories to treasure.

Here our some of our favourites!

Thank you so much for being such an amazing class and we know you will absolutely love your new class and continue to make us proud!

Wishing you all a great, safe and happy summer.

Lots and Lots of Love

Laura, Jenna and Mike

Team 2S

Time Learning

Hello 2S

Happy Friday! Today, we are learning all about Time. Time can be seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and even years!

Lets show our grown ups our days of the week song.


Can you remember the days of the week in order?

What day comes after Monday?


2S are learning Day and Night.



Shall we learn Day and Night together?


Laura has put some activities we do everyday. Can you tell your grown up whether they would be done in the daytime or at night?


 Can you put the following activities in the order you would do them in a whole day?



WOW 2S this is super learning!

Time Learning


Have a super weekend 

Laura, Jenna and Mike

Robot Activities

Hello my lovely Toby, George, Baylee, Katie, Azaan, Lucas, Dodou and Kaylum

I hope you have been enjoying learning about No- Bot- the robot with no bottom! Here are some activities you can try at home.


Robot Counting

Can you count past number 10?


Tricky Maths!


Can you try the robot yoga?

Can you design your own robot?

You could ask a grown up to help you draw the outline

What colour did you use for your robot’s eyes?

Does your robot do special things?

What noise does your robot make?

Does your robot have a name?

Robot activities….


I think it’s

Hope you enjoy the robot activities, We would love to see any pictures, please send them to

Laura, Jenna and Mike

The end of another busy week

Hello 2S

I can’t quite believe its Friday again! We had a fantastic class zoom on Wednesday. It was so lovely to see your smiles and hear your giggles. I’m so proud that you are trying hard with your words too!

I wanted to remind you all of some of the fantastic websites you could use whilst learning from home.

Education City

There are lots of Maths, English and Science games on there that you might enjoy.


Oak Academy

Oak Academy has been set up to support children learning from home. If you google the website there are lots of great lessons on there. You could try:

Maths- Placing number cards in order

Art- Making a rainbow

English/Phonics- The three Little Pigs


Phonics Play

This is a super website that we use when we are at school. They are still offering free access using the details below:

Username: march20

Password: home


Discovery Education

This website is great for supporting phonics learning

Finally You tube for all our familiar videos we watch whilst at school. I have included our favourites below.




We are missing you all so very much 

Have a wonderful weekend

Laura, Jenna and Mike

Phonics Learning

Hello 2S

Today we are practising our phonics learning. This week we are recognising the letter 


Shall we show our grown ups our phonics song?


Laura has got a very special friend that is helping her with her phonics learning today its our very own 2S robot like Bernard in our story. Do you remember him?


Our robot is a very hungry robot but he will only eat the letter a.  Laura needs your help to recognise the letter a so we can feed it to our robot. Lets do it together.


Challenge: Can you find the a  sound within these words?






The website below, is really useful for recognising letter sounds. You can also try reading the Phase 2 tricky words!

Lets play I spy with my little eye….Can you find all the objects that begin with the a sound? You could do it on the screen and point to them or print it off and draw a circle around them.

Choose another letter sound and circle the objects that begin with that letter

Phonics learning i think its….

Well Done everybody, you are working really hard on your phonics learning.

Please remember our whole class ZOOM on Wednesday 1st July at 10am. (details have been sent via email) We can’t wait to see all your lovely faces.


Laura, Jenna and Mike

Fantastic week of learning from 2S

Hello Dodou, Azaan, George, Kaylum, Katie, Baylee, Lucas and Toby

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine, Its been very hot! I have had some lovely chats with parents and received some wonderful photographs of you enjoying your activities at home. It really does brighten our days up.

Look at two of our friends in 2S enjoying their week 🙂

Jenna, Mike and I would like to invite you to a class zoom on

Wednesday 1st July at 10am.

I will be emailing out details of how to access the zoom next week. Please do not worry if you think your child won’t engage, we haven’t tried this before so it’s a first for us all. It would be lovely to see the children even if it is just for a moment.

Have a fabulous weekend

Laura, Jenna and Mike

Junk Model Robot

Hi 2S!

Today we will be looking at using different object around our houses to make a robot! I’ve used some recycling but you can use anything you would like.


Here are some more examples you could use and a communication board to support the activity.


Enjoy making your robot!

You can send us photographs to

Mike, Laura and Jenna

No- Bot: The Robot with no bottom!

Hello my lovely 2S

I wanted to share with you are next topic book. It is called

No- Bot: The Robot with no bottom!

This story is very silly and very funny! Shall we read it together?


What did you think of our new story?

I think its?

Let’s see if we can answer some Who? What? Where? questions about our story.


Who lost their bottom?

Who used Bernard’s bottom as a nest?

Who used Bernard’s bottom as a boat?


What is Bernard?

What does Bernard lose?

What was seal riding?


Where was Bernard going when he realised he had lost his bottom?

Where were the rabbits going in the boat?

Where did Bernard go at the end of the story?


Don’t forget you can use the communication boards to help you answer the Who? What? Where? questions and watch the story as many times as you like.

Really proud of you all

Laura, Jenna and Mike

Lovely Learning

Hi 2S,

You should have all received your packs from Jenna, Mike and I. We hope you are enjoying learning with them at home.

One of our friends has had a super time with his water beads! and even got Star of the week!


Well Done!

It is so lovely to receive photographs and videos. Please send any to

I wonder who’s sunflower will grow the tallest?!



Sensory Circuit

Hello 2S,

Today we have some fun activities to get you moving indoors or outdoors which will help you with your learning. This is a sensory circuit, it has 3 stages. The first stage is alerting:

In the stage we are going to some some jumping and marching. Complete each of the activities shown below twice.

The next stage is called organising for this will be doing throwing and jumping over an object as seen below.

The final stage is calming for this we are going to be in a seated position and squeeze are hands together. We are also going to sit on a chair and use our arms to push ourselves up.



I have also attached a plan so you can follow along easily.

Please send any photographs to We’d love to see them!


Mike, Laura and Jenna