Lets Go Fly Kite….

Good Morning everyone!

Who enjoyed our story ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ from last week?
Do you remember what happened to Stanley at the end?
He was turned into a kite!

We can all be inspired by the story and make our very own kite.
Why don’t you follow the instructions to make your own kite.


You will need:

What did you think of your kite ?

Our Children Working Hard Again!

Here are  a few more images that have been sent in of our children in 2P working hard in their learning.



Our fantastic Little Mr here had been making a jellyfish just like Stanley, or so the fish thought!

Our Little Miss has been making her ‘Journey Stick’ and making her play dough to join in with our Dough Disco, she even found time for some baking!


Amazing Effort 2P.

Germs Communication Board.

Happy Friday 2P, 

Keep safe, have a look at the learning below to remind us about germs. Have a go at the experiment with Rachel.

As we are in this tricky time, it can be difficult to communicate how germs travel, and how we can stay safe. We have put together a communication board to support this to our children.

We hope this can be of use 🙂 

Rachel loved doing a short little lesson on how germs spread and how we wash our hands, take a look and have a go…




How did you find your experiment?

Remember to email our class email pictures of you doing all your wonderful work!

Our Class Email ….

Hello 2P

We have a brand new email address that is just for our class! That means we can send each other lots of photographs, messages and any questions you may have I can answer via email. I will still be calling weekly but this is just an added extra communication link.

Our email address is: willow@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk

We are looking forward to receiving mail 🙂

Let’s recycle and save our planet Earth!

Hello 2P, we are in for another exciting week learning with Sam, Rachel and Julie at home.

You will learn to recycle your rubbish with Julie. Sam and Rachel will be showing you how to recycle and reuse your rubbish creatively all to help our planet.

Have a look at the learning video all about Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.



Now have a look at the next learning video and see if you can recycle the rubbish.










VE DAY Let’s Celebrate!

Hello 2P, tomorrow is Victory in Europe Day, we celebrate to remember it was the day the war ended 8th May 1945.

People celebrate by wearing red, white and blue. They decorate their houses with flags and bunting. Everyone enjoys having party food and some have street parties.

Today we would like you to have a go at making a ribbon wand with Rachel to wave or use for decoration tomorrow.



We hope you all have a fun time celebrating VE Day. Please continue to post comments and send in any photos of your lovely learning at home to the email: friendsofladywood@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk

Stay safe we hope to see you soon !

Sam, Rachel & Julie 




Jelly fish in a bottle.

Everyone under the sea thought Stanley was a jelly fish so we thought we could make our own jelly fish, just like him! 

Rachel has been creating more wonderful artistic ideas, that relate to our book ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’  




Here is Rachel’s jellyfish in a bottle, we look forward to seeing what you can make too ….





What did you think about making your Jelly Fish?
Making my jelly fish……

Don’t forget to send us some lovely photos or videos of your learning using friendsofladywood@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk


Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Good Morning 2P

Our first book for this half term is:

‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’

I have been reading the book at home and made a little video so you can enjoy reading it with me and my new friend Loui!


What did you think of the story?

Can you have a go at answering some questions about the story?
You can use the communication boards to help and can replay the video too.



Who swallowed Stanley first?

Who pecked and nipped at Stanley?

Who has a shell?

Who was choking on Stanley?

Who helped save the turtle?

Who has long tentacles?


Where does the whale live?

Where does the seagull take Stanley?

Where does the turtle swim to?

Where does the turtle lie down?

Where does the little boy fly Stanley at the end?


What is Stanley?

What colour is Stanley?

What happened to Stanley 3 times in the story?

What colour is the whale?

What did the whale do to get rid of Stanley?

What sound did Stanley make when he fell into the sea?

What sound did the seagull make?

What happened to Stanley after the seagulls let him free?

What was wrong with the turtle?

What did the little boy make Stanley into?

What did the little boy use to make the kite with?

Other Questions

Which animal that swallowed Stanley did not live in the sea?

Did Stanley float or sink at the beginning of the story? What about at the end?

Which animal was the biggest?

Which animal was the smallest?

How was Stanley feeling? (at different points in the story)

Should Stanley have been in the sea? Why?

How do you think the turtle was feeling when she was choking on Stanley?

Can you sequence the story correctly?

9. What about these extra events in the story? Where do they go?

I hope you enjoy the story all about Stanley and his adventure.
Don’t forget you can send us pictures of your learning at home via friendsofladywood@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk

Let’s start the week with some dough disco! Let’s take our fingers to the dance floor.

Hello 2P,

Hope you have had a lovely weekend, this week we will be reading our new book ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley’ with Sam and we would love to see you join in making something from recycled materials with Rachel later in the week.  It’s something that lives in the sea.  Have a think what it might be? Keep checking the blog.

Friday is VE (Victory in Europe) day so we have an activity for you to do at home ready to celebrate the special day. Are you having a party at home? if so we would love to see any photos or videos.

 So let’s start the week, there are  a couple of videos of Julie to watch. One of  how to make playdough and another one for you to join in with dough disco. HAVE FUN! 

Sam, Rachel & Julie 


So now you have your playdough let’s get moving our fingers and go to the dough disco!