A sporty week.

It’s been a sporty week in 2P, as it has been Sports Relief week we have been looking at being active.

We have been learning all about being different and accepting others within our book Elmer.

In Design and Technology, we have been exploring musical instruments making different types of shakers by choosing different materials and fillings.

Keep an eye out for our Sports relief blog coming soon. Thank you for all your kind donations, it really changes lives.



‘The Circle of Life’

An amazing first week back in our class, we have immersed ourselves in our new topic ‘the circle of life’. Our new book ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ has been very exciting. We made music that could help Gerald dance. 


We have loved making Gerald the giraffe and exploring our outdoor safari, looking for animals outside to see which animals roam around our classroom the most.



Amongst all our busy learning we have been to the moon in P.E, looking for alien eggs.















We have enjoyed Pancake Day and all the sensory learning about what we need to make pancakes! We have even been on a trip to Bolton Library to explore new books about different animals in our topic. PHEW, what a week.


Super Me!


A week filled with Super Learning and memories that make our year so special.

We have had a lovely end to our topic, spreading the love baking valentines cakes for our disco. We have finally become superheros after all our training saving Supertato from the evil peas, exploring how we can move like a suiperhero!

We even had time for a little trip to the park to be BRAVE ! Our wonderful word we have been learning about.

I Am Brave!

This week we have been looking at our special word BRAVE!

It was our assembly this week and we were all BRAVE as we stood up in front of the whole school to tell everyone   how we help others.

We have still managed to fit in lots of learning to!

 We have tried new foods, being BRAVE saying what we like and don’t like.


Thank you to all our friends and family for coming and watching us in our assembly, it means so much for all your support!



Phew ….. Another Busy Week of Learning in 2P.

What a fantastic week of learning we have had. We have been learning our phonics as superheroes, baking pizzas from scratch, and writing all our ingredients, that we needed. We have also celebrated Chinese New Year, creating calendars, lanterns, Chinese Dragons and shopping for some traditional Chinese food.














The Evil Pea has Escaped Again!

Well…….. its happened again, the Evil Pea escaped the jelly, and he is up to mischief.

We managed to save our Supertatos and rescue the letters of our name the Evil Pea Has Frozen.

Once we had saved him Supertato, he took us back in time to look at things from the past, and things we have now. It was amazing!

We then explored heavy and light, weighing our super veg characters! To see who was the heaviest.


We even had time to visit and experience the outdoors, feeding the ducks, as part of our wild and free mental well-being. It was an amazing trip and a great end to another fantastic week.

New Year Super Me!

A busy first week back, we have had an evil villain in class …. the EVIL PEA!

He tied up Sam, so we unwrapped in and released him from the Evil Pea, once we hunted him down we put him back in the jelly where he belonged.

We went shopping to find some vegetable characters from the book, matching them to what we found.

We have even had some time to learn new games and rules in P.E working in a team!

Stay tuned for updates on the esca- PEA !


Its Christmas!

How this term has flown, the Christmas spirit is flowing around 2P in Ladywood.

We have had a visit from Santa, dropping everyone a special gift.      


We loved our Christmas Meal with Julie!

We have even had a treat on our trip out to the park.

After a busy term we were all tired out.