Our Class Email ….

Hello 2P

We have a brand new email address that is just for our class! That means we can send each other lots of photographs, messages and any questions you may have I can answer via email. I will still be calling weekly but this is just an added extra communication link.

Our email address is: willow@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk

We are looking forward to receiving mail 🙂

What The Ladybird Heard At The Seaside.

Lets take a trip to the Seaside with one very clever Ladybird…. Listen carefully to the story and lets see if the adults working with you at home can ask you some questions at the end.

What did you think of our seaside story, I loved all the rhyming words and wasn’t the Ladybird clever!

Now lets look at some lovely arts and craft ideas you could try at home inspired by our book and the seaside.

Arts and crafts Ladybird board

Lets hope we can all get to the seaside very soon and enjoy our summer holiday just like the Ladybird in our story.




Hello everyone, we hope you are all ready to start our new week. We have a new book to share with you No-bot gets a new bottom. 

We hope you enjoy it!

Now let’s have a look at our phonics targets with No-bot and his new friend. Thank you to Harry for making the robot for us.


Team work makes a dream work!

Wow! Thank You Rachel for your fabulous art lessons, one of our pupils has been very busy being an artist and produced some fantastic creations take a look everyone.












Please remember to send any lovely learning, photos or videos to our class email; willow@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk

We look forward to seeing what you have been doing at home.

Have a lovely weekend Sam, Rachel & Julie


No Bots Bottom





No bot is very upset, but we can help him! he wants a new bottom, that will keep him dry!

As we are all scientists, he would like us to test some different materials to fix his bottom. We need to find out if the materials are waterproof to keep all his robotics dry!


Wow thank you 2P, you have been amazing!

No-bot has a message for you!


How did you feel about your learning?

Nature Walk Craft Vase.

We thought this was a lovely craft idea to do whilst you were out on a walk. I had a go at one myself today have a look how I did it.

You will need…

And something to….

An adult can help you with this bit, I’ve taken pictures of how I made my Vase…




Last of all arrange the flowers how you want them, pushing them through the holes. Here is my finished Vase.

Why dont you have a try making your own and send us pictures of your creations.

I thought our art and craft was….


Speaking and listening with No-bot the robot.

Hello 2P, hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. We are starting marvellous Monday doing our speaking and listening targets.
First let’s listen to Rachel reading our book No-bot the Robot.

Lets have a look at our speaking and listening targets.


Lets finish our lesson singing The Five W’s song join in !


Money! Money! Money!

Hello everyone, No-bot the robot has been learning all about money. No- bot went to the shop to do some shopping, watch the video to learn your money targets.

Join in learning the money song.

Have a go at one of the money activities to learn how to sort coins into groups of colour, size or value. Don’t forget to send your pictures or learning videos to our class email.