It’s voting day!

Today has been voting day in 2L!

We have been learning about democracy and why it is important we must use our voices to vote. We were all given the chance to vote for who we thought would make a great school council representative in 2L! It was a fair vote and the children circled their friend who they wanted to be a school councilor.


The vote is in..

Congratulations to Hussain who is 2L’s new school councilor! 

Well done Hussain. 

Elves and the Shoe Maker!

Last week we looked at the book ‘Elves and the Shoe maker’ and really enjoyed making our own shoes using salt dough during attention autism! We explored a variety of materials during science and could sort them by their properties!

We practiced our gross motor movements during squiggle while you wiggle which helped us with our super writing!

What a lovely week!

This week we have done some super maths learning! We popped water balloons to reveal the numbers inside and then challenged ourselves to see if we could put them in order. We could identify different colours and had so much fun!


Today we celebrated world mental health day with activities based around #Hello yellow! We loved the yellow rice, yellow playdough, lemons in water and mark making on our big Mr. Happy! We also got to try bananas and custard! Yum! 

Happy Friday!


Today we have carried on our learning about ‘people who help us’. We have done some super learning about firefighters!

We have collaged some fire engines using a variety of materials, made our own firefighter helmets and even put out a fire in 2L!! 

We also used the green screen to pretend we were at the fire station! We had so much fun!

A lovely week in 2L

This week 2L have continued learning about our book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’

We have enjoyed getting messy during write dance, practising our gross motor skills using shaving foam!


2L have also been very busy making their own ladybirds during attention autism. We painted our paper pla tes red, stuck tissue paper for the spots and of course added glitter! How creative!

What the Ladybird Heard.

Our new book for the next two weeks is What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson.

This week we took our new book up to the forest to read all about the ladybird and the other animals on the farm. We have done some super maths learning counting the spots on our ladybirds, as well as practicing our phonics and reading. We also loved our music lesson with Ian playing lots of different musical instruments!

Welcome to 2L!

We have had a super couple of weeks settling back into Ladywood and meeting all of our new friends in class 2L. 

We have made our own friendship jars, choosing what we think makes a good friend in 2L by using lots of different sensory materials.

2L have also been doing lots of learning about the importance of washing their hands. We loved our experiment of showing how soap gets rid of germs using water, black pepper and soap!

We have enjoyed playing on the garden and using the track as part of our physical in the afternoon, especially in the lovely sunshine!

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