Making a robot

Hi 2L

Jenna enjoyed our story No-Bot the robot with no bottom so much she wanted to make her own! So this afternoon she is going to show you how to make a robot like hers.

You will need:

Boxes (junk modelling)

Toilet roll tubes

tin foil

any paint you would like to use

crayons/felt tips

During our Design and Technology lessons in schools we first of all DESIGN our creations. Watch Jenna and see her design her robot.

Can you design yours?


Now, Jenna is ready to make her robot. If you have got all your junk modelling equipment with you, you could make it along with Jenna or you could watch the video and make yours afterwards. Are you ready……


Can you give your robot a name?

Well Done 2L- please send us pictures of your creations to classdojo or to


Laura, Jenna and Olivia

Dough Disco

Wow 2L- some fabulous dough disco this morning!

Here is a link if you would like to do some more Dough Disco!

Using your sensory tray could you write the first letter of your name and the first letter of your surname.

Can you write r for robot?

Below are some activities you could try with things you may have around the house

Using your whiteboard and pen can you write your first name and your last name?

Can you hold the pen correctly?


Well Done 2L

Laura, Jenna and Olivia

No- Bot The robot with no bottom!

Good Afternoon 2L,

Well done for super maths learning this morning. It was fantastic! and thank you for the pictures you sent of your learning we love seeing them.

This afternoon, Laura is going to read to you our new story No-Bot the robot with no bottom. Its good looking and good listening to the video.

Laura has got some questions for you that you could answer with a grown up. Use the communication boards to help you.


 1. Who loses their bottom?
2. Who used Bernard’s bottom as part of their drum kit?
3. Who used Bernard’s bottom as a boat?
4. Whose hat looked like Bernard’s bottom?
5. Who does Bernard talk to first?
6. Who used Bernard’s bottom as a nest?


1.What did Bear use Bernard’s bottom for?
2. What is Bernard?
4. What does Bernard lose?
5. What does Bird use Bernard’s bottom as?
6. What were the Rabbits travelling in?
7. What was Bernard’s bottom really being used as at the end of the story?
8. What had been built using Bernard’s bottom


1.Where was Monkey sat when Bernard first talked to him?
2.Where was Bernard going when he realised he had lost his bottom?
3. Where did Bernard love to go?
4. Where did Bernard go at the end of the story?
5. Where was Bernard when he lost his bottom?

Can you put the pictures of the story in order?


Well Done 2L- You have worked really hard today. Tomorrow morning is Dough Disco so please have your dough ready. See you at 9.30am

Laura, Jenna and Olivia

Team 2L

Robot maths learning

Super job 2L!

You did some amazing counting this morning! 

Would you like to do some more physical maths to get your bodies moving? Let’s go!

Now are you ready to do some counting? Have you got something to count with? You could use your toys, some food (i.e cheerios) or maybe paint! How many splats of paint can you make? 

Just like our learning this morning, I have got two robots that we are going to practice adding with! Can you put some buttons on each robot and then add them together?

What numbers shall we use? I know.. lets use this very special number wheel to help us choose!


Super job! Here are some worksheets for you to have a go with. You can use physical objects to help you to count!



There are a few fun games on education city to support with addition/subtration too!


Imagination Art

Good Afternoon 2L

We hope you are all enjoying your learning at home, It was lovely to see you on zoom this morning. You are working really hard!

This afternoon we are going to do some Art learning, and show off how creative we all are.

You will need:

Paint ( the more colours the better)

Water ( just a little to dilute the paint- You could even add a little washing up liquid to make the paint bubble)

A straw

Watch Laura doing bubble art learning.

What do you think of your Imagination art learning

We would love to see your creations, please send them to us at Class Dojo or at

Laura, Jenna and Olivia


Super phonics this morning 2L!

Can you remember our new sound?

You’re right! It’s ‘X

Can you join in with the song? What ‘x’ words can you hear?


Now, I have a challenge for you!

Can you draw a picture of something that has the letter ‘x’ in it?


Now can you write a sentence using some words that have the letter x in them?

Here’s an example!

The fohad an x-ray on his leg.

Now it’s your turn!

Calling all superheroes!

Hi Everyone

Jenna needs your help! Evil Pea has captured the carrots and she needs you to help her free them from his clutches! Can you help?! We need to do some Superhero PE


Watch the video of Jenna doing some PE that will help us free the carrots. Jenna is doing it in her living room, you could too if mums and dads say it is ok. Or you could wrap up and do some exercise in the garden.

Right! Superheroes to the rescue!!


Can you do 10 star jumps? Can you count backwards?

Can you hop on the spot? Can you say the letters of Supertato whilst you hop?

Now for some relaxing, join in with some superhero yoga

We love receiving videos and pictures. You can send them to us at class dojo or

Laura, Jenna and Olivia