Ladywood Airlines


On Monday we had lots of fun in our topic lesson by taking a trip to Africa to explore the different habitats with Ladywood Airlines.


Boarding the plane  

‘Can I see your boarding passes please’ 




‘Please listen to the safety instructions’ 



‘Taking off’ 




‘Snacks on the plane’


‘Passports on arrival’ 

Exploring Africa – Grasslands, Desert, City and the Jungle. 









This week is children’s mental health week. On Wednesday, we did lots of activities and talked about being brave.  


Well done class 2B-You were ‘brave’ and tried lots of different foods.




Making Pizza’s!

Making Pizza’s 


This week we had lots of fun making pizzas, everyone helped mix the ingredients, roll out the dough and chopped the vegetables. 

 Everyone chose their own toppings and made their pizza ready for the oven. 

We all agreed they were so tasty – Yum! 



Happy New Year!

What a busy and fun packed week we have had in class 2B. We have been practising our phonics, visited Aldi to buy vegetables and on Wednesday we all dressed up for our Superhero day!


Educational Visit – Buying vegetables at Aldi 


2B SuperHeros!


Superhero Assault course