Me, My friends and I

Hi everyone,

Here is the introduction to our final topic of the year ‘Me, My Friends and I’.

We have created a topic overview for you to look at and a communication board of the main areas this topic includes. Please Keep sending any pictures of your home learning to us at;

We really do love to see what you have been getting up to! Lots of love Team 1T Kate, Natalie, Lynn and Anne xx

Goodbye and good luck!

Hi Everyone,

This week we want to show you just how much you have grown this year and to wish you luck in your next adventure!

Check out how much Kate’s sunflower has grown, its taller than her hand! Is yours still growing?

Natalie has done an amazing body awareness video for you which you can use over the summer,

Have a look below; We can use this to calm down when we get overexcited and to become more aware of our body parts. Do you remember doing this in class?

We have loved our time with our 1T Boys! take a look at what they have been up to this year!

Thank you for being amazing and good luck in your new adventure!

We can’t wait to see you grow!


Kate, Natalie, Anne and Lynn 


Exciting Changes

Hello 1T – in school we have had lots of exciting news about the changes to our class in September

here is a lovely e-book also available on Twinkl ( which talks about change!

This year I have enjoyed….

You could choose your favourite things from this year to stick on your caterpillar…


Then have a think about next year…


What are you looking forward to doing with your new friends and teachers?

You could stick these on your butterfly!


There are also some lovely activities about growth and change on Espresso;

This is also a lovely resource on Oak National Academy to support the activity above!

also please check your emails for further support information about transition, 

thank you for looking!

1T Team, 

Kate, Natalie, Lynn and Anne!x


The next page of opur book is about water;

Lynn has found some water on her walks around Rivington Pike, she took some photos;

Lynn also took some videos;

Listen to the sounds, what does the waterfall sound like? Can you make this noise?

Can you hear the rain in the pond? I can see it splashing!

Who can you see in the pond water?

What noise does he make?

Can you quack like a duck?


Maybe you could have a go at exploring some water at home, can you pour it like this?

Enjoy exploring this week!

1T Team

Kate, Natalie, Lynn and Anne x

Song Time

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would share Class 1T’s favourite songs to listen to in group.

We really do love a sing song and a dance in our class.

I hope you are all well and safe at home.

Take Care Everyone!


The next page in the ‘My Magical Garden’ book is ‘Cloaks’

To make your own cloak you can use household objects and things you might be able to find around your garden and on your daily exercise!

What colour will it be?

What will you use to decorate it?


Lynn has been making her own cloak this week!

First she went looking for things to decorate it with!

What can you see in this picture?

Lynn chose some leaves   and a white pillowcase as her cloak! 

She glued them all down carefully

Wow Lynn, I like it!   Your cloak looks amazing!

How many leaves can you count on Lynn’s cloak? 

Can you make a cloak at home?

We would love to see pictures of your finished cloaks,

you can email them to;

Love 1T Team, 

Kate, Natalie, Lynn and Anne 🙂 


Watch this amazing Attention Autism video on rainbows, 

What colours can you see?


Take another look at the ‘My Magical Garden’ – ‘Lights’ Page – does it look like a rainbow?

Kate had a go at making some rainbows of her own. First on paper.


Then on the window!


What colours can you see?

Can you make a rainbow of your own?

Choose your favourite colour

Kate, Natalie, Lynn & Anne


Hello Everyone!

During this time at home we have been enjoying getting outdoors and having a walk. Lynn and I have enjoyed some lovely walks and would like to share our photos with you all. Lynn’s walks have been around the Rivington area and mine have been around the Smithills area.

Lynn’s Rivington Walks!

You could use the communication board to match the photo to the symbol.

Can you count the chickens?

Natalie’s Smithills Walks!

Can you count the ducks?

Can you count the horses?

Maybe you could have a walk and see what you can find.

Can you find a tree?

Can you find a horse?

Can you find a flower?

You could take photos or count how many you can find.

We would love to see what you find on your walks.

Please email any photos to us using the email address below.



Music Session

Hello Everyone!
As I am at home I have had to be a bit creative for today’s music session and use different items for the instruments.

The instruments I am using today are:

Can you find some objects you can use in your house?

Can you make music with your family?

Play along with me in the video.


Can you stop?

Can you go?

Watch the video and look for the symbols to tell you when to stop and when to go.

How to make a shaker!

I hope you have lots of fun making music and enjoy being creative!

Take Care Everyone!