From Year 1 to Year 2!

Hello 1S! 

This week we have all had some very exciting news about coming back to school in September.

Some things will be the same and some things will be different.

Please check your emails as you should have received some more information about September.


Do you remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar‘ story?

The caterpillar grew into a butterfly.

It is a little bit like us…

we are changing from Year 1 to Year 2!

Here is another story about a caterpillar that we think you will like. 


Who did you see in the story?

Who was your favourite?


What did you like about Year 1? 

You could print the caterpillar and stick on the symbols to show the things you have liked doing in Year 1. 


What are you looking forward to in Year 2?


More learning links:

Have a great week!

Danielle, Paula and Cara




Hello 1S,

We hope that you are having a good week so far!

Which flower did you choose? 

Which flower is your favourite?

What colour is the sunflower?

What colour are leaves?


Watch the plants grow and turn into flowers!


Here are some instructions to help you plant your seeds that were delivered in your packs. 

Make sure you wash your hands after planting your seeds.

Have fun watching your seeds grow into a lovely flower.



** Challenge**

You could print the instructions and cut them up so that each step is individual.

Can you remember what you had to do first?

Can you put the steps in order?

If an adult reads the instruction, can you find the matching picture? 



One of friends at Ladywood has already planted his sunflower seeds and look what has happened!

We would love to see your pictures as your sunflowers start to grow. Please send them to

It looks like our friend has really enjoyed exploring the trees and flowers whilst out walking!



Can you label the parts of the flower? 

Use your unique log in when you click on the link below. Under the ‘homework’ tab, you will find some fun activities that will help you to learn more about plants.


Have a lovely week!

Danielle, Paula and Cara


We’re Going on a Tree Hunt!

Hello 1S!

We hope that you all enjoyed having a topic pack delivered on Monday!

It was lovely to say hello to you even though it was from a distance. 

This week, we are going to explore some different trees. 

Here are some symbols that may help to support communication at home:

The tree has no leaves, can you draw the leaves on the branches? You could use paint on your finger to print the leaves on the branches. 




Where will you find a tree?

We hope you enjoyed exploring trees!

It would be lovely to see you exploring trees at home.

Please send your pictures to


Danielle, Cara and Paula

Baking Biscuits

Hello 1S. 

Today we are baking biscuits. 

This activity supports our topic learning and our writing skills.

You will need…


The recipe is…

150g plain flour

100g butter

50g caster sugar

                    Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl                       

                              form the dough into a ball                           

put the dough on a floured surface

        roll out the dough

Cut the dough into circles                         

put on a lined baking tray


Cook the biscuits in the oven at 170°/gas mark 3 for 15/20 minutes.

Once the biscuits have cooked and cooled down you can decorate them.

                  What will you choose?

Icing or chocolate     


Can you practise your mark making skills by decorating your biscuit to look like a face? Maybe you could decorate it to look like you!

or carefully spread the chocolate onto the biscuit.

Can you overwrite the recipe?     

               Can you copy the recipe?                                                 

We hope you enjoy this activity. Don’t forget to email your pictures to


Cara, Danielle and Paula xx

Water, water everywhere!

Hello 1S, 

It has been a very wet week! Have you seen lots of rain too? 


Here are some different places that you will see water.

Can you find the waterfall?

Which one is your favourite? 

I think it’s…


Click on the link below to join Hannah with some ‘Under the Sea’ dancing.

If you enjoyed this, you might want have a look on you tube at a waterfall, a lake or even a river.

Can you move fast like a river?

Can you stay very still like a lake?


Have a lovely day!

Danielle, Cara and Paula 


Who Am I?

Hello 1S! 

On Monday, we explored what we look like. 


Today, we are going to look at our interests and the concept of making choices. It would be great if we could share your pictures with the whole class of you exploring your likes and dislikes. This is a great way to support the understanding of our similarities and our differences.

In the video, you will see some of the things I like and some of the things I don’t like.

What does Danielle like?

What does Danielle not like?

What do you like?

What do you not like?

Can you sort the symbols into things that you like and don’t like? 

You may choose to print the ‘I like it’ and ‘I don’t like’ symbols then use real objects if you feel it is more appropriate. 


We make choices everyday!

This morning, I chose which top to wear.

Which colour did Danielle choose? 


Click on the link below for more activities that explore making choices. 

Use your unique username and password.

The activities are saved under the ‘Homework- Making choices’ tab.


Don’t forget to send your pictures to


Danielle, Cara and Paula












Who am I?

Hello 1S!

This week, we are going to be learning about ourselves. We will explore our appearance, interests, likes and dislikes and we will have a go at making choices. 


Exploring our Appearance

You may want to print this template out and insert your picture. Use a mirror to help you explore your appearance.

Can you find your nose?

What colour is your hair?

How many eyes do you have? 


Can you draw the eyes and nose on the face?

You could have a go at cutting out some face features from magazines or newspapers and then sticking them on the faces. 

Please send your pictures to

Danielle, Paula and Cara