What a great week!!!

This week we have celebrated World Mental Health Week by taking part it lots of activities around school…

We practised our rolling and cutting skills when making cheese pasties with Lynsey…


We explored the sense of taste by sharing a sensory story in group called The Disgusting Sandwich…

The rain didn’t stop us this week. We got wrapped up and put our wellies on and went writing in the rain. It was great fun!

Have a great weekend!!!

What a great week!

We have done lots of lovely learning this week in Class 1S.

We made cheese twists with Lynsey on Tuesday during our DT learning. We have been preparing and cooking a range of savoury dishes each week using a range of techniques. This week we practised our cutting and rolling skills.

We have also enjoyed sharing stories in our reading learning.

What a busy week so far!

What a fantastic week we have had so far! We have celebrated a birthday, explored 5 little ducks in the water tray to practise our counting skills and played shops with real food and money to gain understanding of exchanging coins for items. We have shared stories and got really messy practising our writing skills by mark making in flour, paint and shaving foam.

We have been very busy!!!