Materials – Building A Bridge.

Can you help build a bridge for the Ginger bread Man? 

Watch Sam test his bridges to see if they are strong or weak. What properties can you see out of the materials you have used from around your house?

You could use: toilet paper, cardboard, leaves, sticks, straws.

Have a go yourself can you make a strong bridge?


Write dance.

It was wonderful to see you all ‘Squiggle Whilst We Wiggle’ this morning! Have a go at following the movement in our write dance video. It is great to help us follow our writing patterns, whilst also continuing to develop the muscles we need for writing. If you don’t want to use foam try flour in a tray or even just in the bath with some water.


  • Try writing your name in the foam.
  • Try writing the initial sounds from a spoken request. e.g. I say ‘S’ Can you write it?

Shape and Colour.

We are learning all about Shape this term and we thought we would set you some shape challenges to start off your week of learning on the blog!  Are you ready…. lets go…

Can you name any of these shapes already? Tell the person you are working with any of them you do know.


Today we are going to be looking at these 2 Shapes,  can you name them?


Were you right?


They are a Circle and a Square, we can find shapes everywhere!  In our house, garden and out on our daily walk.


Here are some signs and objects can you see the ones that are a circle or a square?


We find shapes in the food we eat too can you match the circle and square to the correct food?



Which shape is the circle?  Can you point to it?



Which shape is the square?  Can you point to it?


Now lets look at some colour for those of you that might find the shapes a little tricky…

Can you name all the colours?   Pick a colour and….. Go!   Off you go to find something in your house that’s the same colour…..


Now its your turn to go hunting round your house, garden or looking outside when its your daily walk. Take pictures or draw us a picture of what you have found that are the same shape as the two we have been doing today, circle and a square or if hunting for colours take pictures of objects you find.  Post them to our class dojo, we can’t wait to see what different things you can find!

Team 1P



Time to get creative!

...Gingerbread Man...


Hello 1P, 

We have had an amazing week of learning both on zoom and through the blog. it has been lovely to see so many faces bright and early in the morning.

Rachel has been making a Gingerbread Man’s face using some of the art supplies in your pack.

  • Art communication board.
  • Paper plate 
  • Brown paper
  • Eyes
  • Red cheeks
  • Pipe cleaner 
  • Icing/ wool
  • Glue stick.

Take a peak at Purple Mash, explore the different art activities you can do. We will be using this site later on next week.



Fun with Phonics!

Hello 1P, today you are learning phonics. Julie has been baking Gingerbread men with letter sounds on them for you to learn. Watch the videos and have a go at home at learning to say the sounds, write them and read words by blending the sounds together. Please continue to send in any photos or videos of your learning. Upload them onto your DOJO or email them to

Here is the website link to Espresso to help you learn phonics. 

Username student18120

Password ladywood

Elmer’s Weather

This is an amazing story delivered by Oaks National Learning Academy.

They have created a simple sensory story using items from around your house. It is a great way to engage the children and give them sensory feedback from within the book.



Here is the link to the lesson. Take a look and enjoy being part of the story. Copy and paste the link to view the lesson.


Enjoy from the 1P team!

Gingerbread Man Number Hunt.



Good Afternoon 1P,

It was lovely to see you all this morning, the mischievous Gingerbread Men have escaped the oven! Can you go and find them around the house and recognise the number you have found?





Challenge :

Can you put them in order ?

Pick a number and tell me what one more is.

Can you count backwards from 10?


Have a wonderful Day!

The Gingerbread Man

Good afternoon 1P sit back, relax and watch the story song “The Gingerbread Man”

Can you point to or name the characters in the story. Who is your favourite character?

Can you draw your favourite character. 

If you have any photos of your lovely learning at home. Please send them in to our class email

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe!

Sam, Julie & Rachel

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from 1P!

We have had a wonderful week leading up to our Christmas break! We have explored lots of festive learning and even had a visit from Santa!

We loved our visit from Santa just after our Christmas party!

He even brought everyone a little gift for Christmas!

Here is our Christmas Santa performance

We send all our wishes over Christmas, and we hope you have a lovely break and a jolly time. Thank you for all your support over our first term.

Merry Christmas the 1P Team