Merry Christmas!

We have had a very busy and exciting week in 1F!

We have done lots of Christmas crafts and had a fantastic morning at our Christmas party, we ate lots of food, pulled our crackers with our friends and did lots of dancing.

We also had a very special visit from Santa, unfortunately our presents got lost in the post!! Uh-oh! Not to worry though, Jingle the Elf had brought them into school for us just in time for Christmas, thank you Jingle!



We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ashley, Karen and Olivia x

Disney on the bus..


What a fabulous week we have had in 1F! We are all super proud of everyone for doing an amazing job in the Christmas performance! A very big well done for all your super singing and dancing 1F, you were amazing!!


Jingle the Elf was so proud of 1F that he decided to leave us an early Christmas present this morning! We have our very own teepee!! We love it, thank you Jingle!


Welcome to 1F Jingle the Elf!

This morning the children walked into 1F to a very big surprise! There were little footprints on the floor leading to a very big present, but what was inside?

Santa had left us a special message before we could open the present..

Santa’s message

Santa had sent Jingle the Elf to keep an eye on us, but he can be a little troublesome so we have to show him how we follow the rules in 1F!

It has been very good news in 1F today so Jingle left us all some elf treasure! I wonder what he will get up too this week?

Children in Need!

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had raising money for Children in Need! 1F have taken part in lots of fun activities in class including; spotty biscuit decorating, finger painting Pudsey’s bandana, colouring, posing in our photo booth and face painting! (1F loved having a go at painting the adults’ faces too!!)

We also went up to the track to take part in the ‘Ladywood Marathon!

We also went up to the track to take part in the ‘Ladywood Marathon!


Check out our video of us taking part in Joe Wicks’ “Get Up Get Moving workout! IMG_6222



Pudsey Visit!

Last week we had a very special visitor come to Ladywood… it was Pudsey!!

1F loved having Pudsey come to visit us! We are very excited to join in with the Ladywood Marathon this week and have got lots of fun activities planned for next Friday to raise money for Children in Need! 


Let’s make a potion..

Last week 1F got into the Halloween spirit and made some potions as part of our maths learning!

In our cauldron we poured in a cup of slug slime, half a cup of pickled witches fingers, a full cup of mermaid tears, some fish scales and then added the magic powder.. we gave it a big stir and all said the magic words “Hocus Pocus!!” and our potion began to bubble!!

1F go to the aquarium!

This week 1F have been to the aquarium to have a look what we could see in the different tanks as part of of our ‘senses’ topic!

We saw turtles, sting-rays and lots of big and small fish!


We loved looking at the rabbits and all the birds!


We even got to see a ssssnake!!


The Disgusting Sandwich!

Last week in 1F we read the story The Disgusting Sandwich. We had lots of fun using our senses to create our own disgusting sandwich..

Oh no! Our sandwich fell in some ants, slugs, feathers, swampy water and even got ran over by a scooter!!


1F said “it’s disgusting!!”


1F made their own yummy sandwiches, we chose jam, cheese and ham! They were delicious!




Our first week in 1F

This term we are learning about our senses! We have been exploring using our senses through lots of fun learning activities this week.

What can you smell? We explored our sense of smell with different scented icing sugars, we had mint, vanilla and coriander.. We even got to taste some biscuits we decorated!

What can you hear? We explored our hearing through music!

What can you feel? We got a little messy exploring our ‘touch’ sense through write dance!


What can you see? We took a little trip into the forest to see what we could find..