A New Term!

Hello 1F! 

We hope you have had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine!

We would be starting our new and final topic of the year in our classroom exploring plants, our friends and ourselves!

Our blogs will be themed around ‘Me, my friends and I’ and looking at a lovely book called ‘My Magical Garden‘ – check back to hear the book later this week. 

We love receiving your pictures and videos – keep sending them to Aspen@Ladywood.bolton.sch.uk

Ashley, Karen & Olivia



Spread your wings!

Hello 1F

We hope you had a lovely rainy week last week! 

We’re beginning to approach the end of our school year and wanted to learn all about you, what you have enjoyed this year and what you’re excited for next year!

Could you try this booklet? Maybe someone at home could help you fill it out when you receive your transition booklet over email 🙂 


Karen has looked at what she’s looking forward to next year

Olivia has made a lovely butterfly for you to make for someone at home or someone in your new class next year.

Maybe you could try this activity on Oaks Academy 


Or colour a bright butterfly on PurpleMash


Could you try this activity? It could help your new class learn all about you!


See you soon 

Ashley, Olivia & Karen

Just keep ‘growing’

Hi 1F

We thought it would be nice to check in on your little seeds! 

Look at some of our friends planting and watering their seeds like in the book ‘Plant the Tiny Seed’

Have your seeds started to grow yet? 

Do you know what a seed needs to grow? 

Lets see what Karen has been up to with her plants at home!


Have a look at this Powerpoint & try this game on Education City to find out 



You could also try 




When your seed has started to grow – could you identify the parts of your plant & name them?

We have been looking at the plants in our homes & labeling them too- 


Could you put together this flower?

And try to label the flower, stem, leaf and roots on this plant?

You could also explore the different plants and colours that you can find in the garden or on your local walk!


We would love to see any pictures or to know how your plants are getting on at home – you can email us at


Ashley, Karen & Olivia




Me, Myself and I!

This week we thought it would be nice to explore all about ourselves!

We would like to look at our ‘appearance’ – what colour is our hair and our eyes & trying to draw our nose and our ears!

Maybe you could print this picture and try to draw a ‘self-portrait’ 

If you don’t have a printer you could try to draw one all by yourself or with a little help from someone at home. Look at the ‘selfies’ that Ashley, Karen & Olivia drew!



Maybe you could draw one on purple mash?


Or maybe you could design yourself or someone else on Education city & explore how we change as we get older.


Did you draw your portrait with a happy or sad face? Sometimes we feel happy when we choose something we like or sad when there is something we don’t like.

What do you like?

What do you not like?

Maybe you could play the moody monster game and decide if the monster is happy or sad! 


Maybe you could sort the foods that you like and see if it is different to what somebody at home likes? 















In 1F we all look different and sometimes we like or dislike different things- but that’s okay because we’re all still friends! 

On the Oaks Academy there is a lovely activity for ‘friendship art’ see if you could make some friendship art with things you have around the house.


We would love to see your drawings and your selfies & you can send them to


Ashley, Karen & Olivia



My magical Garden.

Hello 1F

 for the next couple of weeks we thought it would be nice to explore a book called my Magical Garden

Have a listen and see what you think


Maybe you could try some of these activities?


or start by designing your own garden

first print the base

Next you could add trees and plants or even some special fairies!

or  you could take part in this lesson from the Oak academy 


Have fun 1F

Ashley Olivia & Karen

English Learning.

In 1F we have been learning all about how to build sentences, how to order words of a sentence and how to recall events! 

We like to use colourful semantics to help us do this – we have set colours for different parts of our sentences – we jumble them all up and try to put them back in order! 


For example:


Sometimes we get really silly sentences when we select our cards randomly but that’s okay!

Maybe you could print the sets of symbols and try to make up some silly sentences? You could arrange the symbols first and then try to copy write the sentences underneath!

Maybe you could retell an adult or someone at home what is happening in these pictures? 


Maybe an adult could make your learning more challenging by cutting the sentences up & seeing if you can re order them?

Have a go at trying to build your own sentences on Education city! 

(click the picture to take you to the homepage)

Or try 


Listen to the sentences and try to put them in order! 

On the Oak Academy website  you could try 


Listen to the video and try the signs yourself- have you seen any of these items in your local areas? Could you listen to the story ‘This bear and the Picnic Lunch’ 


Can somebody at home ask you some who, what or where questions based on the story?

Don’t forget to keep trying your phonics and alphabet learning

We love our Jolly Phonics learning


Don’t forget the actions!



Can you play eye-spy & find these words? Don’t forget to try the challenge!

Have fun with your English Learning 1F & if you like these activities or if you would like more learning please ask your adult to email us at 


Ashley, Olivia & Karen




Online Learning.


Hi 1F! 

We know that some of you are really missing learning- and as we can’t be in class to do this at the minute it might be nice for you to have a look at the Oak Academy.

 The videos are amazing and very interactive for children. We have looked at some lessons that would be great for how we learn normally but have an explore around the website and see what you can find!

Once you are on the website, simply click classroom, specialist, the subject you wish to explore, scroll down to your child’s differentiated level and then the lesson you wish to watch. 

The lessons are being differentiated in 3 ways:

Early Development
Building Understanding
Applying Learning 

We would suggest initially starting with the ‘Early development‘ level but we are also happy to help on our weekly calls or over email 


If you need any further support with this, please don’t hesitate to ask me on the phone or contact us via Aspen@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk 🙂

1F Team 

Ashley. Olivia & Karen

Plant the Tiny Seed

Hi 1F, hope you’re enjoying you’re enjoying the week so far!

I heard Karen delivered a surprise through your door this week- SEEDS!

Maybe you could listen to this story and follow the instructions to plant your own seeds?



What did you think of the story? 



Once you have planted your seeds you could try and keep a plant diary- watch as your seeds grow!


Or maybe you could draw what you think your flower will look like?


Can you help Stig organise his garden? 


Maybe you could trace the creatures that were in the story?

Or colour a picture of flowers – what colours do you like?

Have fun planting 1F 

See you soon!

Ashley, Karen & Olivia 


Under the Sea

Hello again 1F,

Karen has been a very busy bee this week- she has ALSO been scuba diving to search the hole at the bottom of the sea! Can you make a scuba mask?

What did you spot when you were scuba diving?

Did you spot any shiny fish?

Why don’t you try to make your own?


Maybe you could play the pirate bunny game? and explore the different parts of the world!


We also thought it would be nice to learn all about your family and your home – maybe you could try this lesson on Oak Academy? 



Have fun learning! 

Ashley, Olivia & Karen