School Council

Welcome back everyone, the Ladywood School Councillors are excited to begin their roles as the voice of Ladywood children and are ready to make a difference!

The School Councillors had their first meeting before half term and were full with both their own ideas and those of the peers.

Ladywood School councillors are:

Ella, Lewis, Bethany, Jonathan, Harry, Thomas, Gabriel, Alexander, Leon, Marcus, Grace, Amir, Eve and Daniel!

Stay tuned to hear all about what they get up to this year!

School Council Meeting

Last week we had our first school council meeting of 2018. It was great to get together and discuss the exciting things that will be happening at Ladywood, we even had some of our prefects join us at the meeting. 

We voted for our next school VIPs and decided on children who are good role models, kind friends and those who always follow the rules.

The next thing on the agenda was to discuss a competition that Ladywood School are entering. We have to create a display that shows every class flying high in reading so that we can win some money for new books! The children voted that the display should have a rainbow, kites, some clouds and a trophy.  The children would also like to see lots of photographs of children reading both at home and in school.

School Council’s third meeting!

What a fabulous third meeting for our School Councillor’s. We had lots to discuss on today’s agenda! We discussed what to spend the money we raised from our DT projects on and we voted for our new School VIPs. We wonder who they will be?VIP

Also, keeping checking back for updates on all our hard work in gaining the Investors In Pupils award!



Have your say!

An excellent first school council meeting today.

The children were full of ideas but wanted everyone to have the chance to have their say 🙂 

The school council are asking for suggestions of toys, games and activities to buy for the playground.

What toys and activities would you like?

Comment below!

School Council Update – Toys


The school councillors have been researching what children would like to have on the play ground in the future.

Coran & Joshua have found that children would like, bikes, a water pump, swings, slides, a rocking horse, a climbing frame, an inside trampoline that is inside a rocket, a tunnel leading to another part of the playground, a robot that you can get inside and ride for 1 minute, a maths table, and finally some round-abouts for toy cars.

What do you think we should get for the playground?

From Coran & Joshua.

🙂               😉