Yeahhhh!!! We did it!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to various events over this academic year!!!

Thanks to your generosity and hard work we finally have our new Sensory Room and it is absolutely AMAZING!!! Here are a few photographs of some of our children enjoying the new equipment.

The staff have received training on how to use the new equipment and we are excited about the learning opportunities and experiences that this new room will provide to our children in the future.

Once again thank you to you all and have a great summer!


Wonderful Week

We have had a wonderful week at Ladywood School. The Year 6 pupils who are attending Firwood School have been on Transition this week which has culminated in Firfest today..

The children have had an amazing time :).

Tomorrow is our Summer Fair, we are looking forward to seeing our families at this fabulous event.


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend,


Music Festival

Ladywood has had another fabulous week. We have lots of classes going on their end of year school trip and our Year 6 pupils are going on transition visits to the new secondary schools.

On Friday our pupils performed at the Bolton Music Festival and once again they were amazing. It was a very proud evening watching our pupils on stage singing, dancing, signing and playing instruments. They really are stars! A huge thank you to the Ladywood staff who supported our children to achieve on this night.


Happy weekend

Susan and everyone at Ladywood

Loving Life at Ladywood

We have had another amazing week at Ladywood. We held two class assemblies, which were amazing – well done to the RS class and the 1H class. In addition there have been several class trips and our Year 6 transition continues.

This Sunday our pupils are performing at the ‘Bolton Community Dance Festival’.

Next Week is a another exciting week. On Monday we have our Sports Day and we hope lots of families are able to join us at this event. On Tuesday we welcome our new parents to Ladywood. On Wednesday it is Parents evening as well as ‘Moving On’ Day for our current pupils. We will also be welcoming our new children into school over the next couple of weeks.

Our week doesn’t end then as it is our Summer Fair on Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

We hope to see everyone there

Have a lovely weekend

Susan and everyone at Ladywood

Celebrating our amazing pupils

We have had another fabulous week. Our Year 6 pupils have continued their transition sessions to their secondary schools, whilst our pupils in Year 4 and 5 attended the Bolton Music Festival. The children were a great hit at the music festival and lots of the audience congratulated us on our singing as well as our behaviour – well done to all our stars ✨ย and the staff who supported them. We were that amazing we ended up with a broadcast on the BoltonFM radio.

We have also taking part in the #equalitea campaign, which recognises that it was 90 years ago that both men and women earned the right to vote.

Some of our youngest children have had lovely class trips with many more scheduled for the next few weeks.

Happy weekend

Susan and everyone at Ladywood

Ladywood Has Published Authors!!!

More exciting English news this week!!

Some of our pupils entered a ‘Young Writers Poetry Competition’ and have had their entries published in a book called

Rhyme Craft, Poems From Lancashire!

Well done to all our authors, we are so proud of you all ๐Ÿ™‚ย