Don’t worry about a thing.

Don’t worry about a thing has been our motto this week.


Healthy body, healthy mind.

We did an assault course in P.E. and parachute games.

We have visited the forest and collected sticks and bark to make a lovely Easter story scene about Jesus’ last week; the children were really enthusiastic and we talked about how Jesus must have felt on his last day. If you need any extra support you will find learning links on the main school blog page.

Take care everyone.

We will leave you with a little piece of happiness, hope it makes you smile as it did us.

Ladywood Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

School will be closing today for the majority of children following Government guidance.

Firstly, we would like to say how much we are going to miss teaching your amazing children over the next few weeks. You have raised them all to be polite, caring, hard-working and all round lovely little characters and for that you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves.

On this blog we will provide a list of practical ideas, learning activities, websites and free subscriptions for you to use with your children at home if you wish to do so. We urge you to enjoy this time with your families and think about the life skills which they can learn from you in your homes. We find that has many amazing ideas to suit various needs if you search for home learning activites.

We have also attached a sample timetable for your children and we hope this will help.

We wish this wasn’t happening  but the most important thing is to keep all of your families safe. We look forward to seeing all of your children back at Ladywood as soon as possible.

Kind Regards

Ladywood Staff

Sports Relief

We can’t thank all the children enough for their efforts in school and all the parents/carers for their donations towards a meaningful cause!

We raised an amazing £208.19 and donations are still coming in! Thank you again!

Who said Teachers aren’t competitive, well done to Izzy and Katie for winning the 3 legged race!

Bendrigg 2: What a busy day: Zip Wire, Archery and Campfire :)

What a fantastic day we had at Bendrigg Lodge. The staff  here are absolutely fantastic, making sure that the children are able to experience and participate in all activities, food is just beautiful and children are socialising so well. The windy and rainy weather hasn’t stopped the children from smiling and every child has tried something new yet again…AMAZING! We voted for our favourite activity and the winner was climbing 🙂

Some quotes from today   “The slide is crazy” “Thank You” “It’s a safety mountain” “The sunrise made me feel happy and joyful inside” “This is the best day of my life” “I really like the food at Bendrigg” “It is the best time ever” “I like it” ” I can do it, I can achieve”   

Day one at Bendrigg Lodge – Group 2

What a fantastic first day at Bendrigg Lodge. We were very busy: on arrival we made our own beds and we were very independent, then we helped set tables for lunch. We participated in many activities: indoor caving, low ropes courses and  an indoor swing.  Some quotes from the children: “It’s the best time ever”, “What a beautiful view”.

Our last night reflections…

“We didn’t realise we were making memories ,we just knew we were having fun”.

Last night we were inspired to experience more of our Wild and Free opportunities making fires, star gazing, night-time nature walking and toasting marshmallows over a campfire. It’s been such an achievement for all the children to stay away from home.


They have been superstars. It’s been a massive honour to have experienced this with your children. Thank you!

“Always remember you are braver than than you believe

Stronger than you seem

Smarter than you think

And twice as beautiful  as you ever imagined . “