Fruit Art!

This week the Arts team have been inspired by the Italian artist

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Arcimboldo using pieces of fruit and vegetables to create his amazing art work.









Luckily I had lots of fruit at home, but you can make faces with whatever fruit  or vegetables you have.

This activity was lots of fun and I hope it makes you giggle like it did me.

What funny faces can you make?

This piece of fruit art work is a running man.

How active can your art work be? Can you make them dance, play football, or even play tennis?

When you have finished being creative, you could make fruit kebabs for a yummy snack.

Can you spot the rainbow fruit kebab I made?







Let us know if you had fun making your fruit faces by adding a comment below.

You can send us photos too! Just use this email address

Remember to stay safe and have fun!


Let’s get creative!

This week the Arts team have been inspired by the artist Pablo Picasso.


Some of Picasso’s work involved face cubism by using a variety of media.

We have created our own interpretation, using digital media of our own faces.


Challenge: Can you guess which staff are part of the Arts team?

We would love to see your posts on the artwork you have been doing at home and find out who or what has inspired you.